What Water Filter Do I Use For My Samsung Refrigerator?

A water filter is basic and highly needed equipment in a refrigerator that owns a water dispenser and is responsible for providing fresh, clean, natural, and cold drinking water. But sometimes or even frequently, water filter needed to be replaced due to some faulty issue or long-time usage. So, if you are having queries like what water filter do I use for my Samsung refrigerator or some other regarding choosing the best or suitable water filter for your fridge, you are at the right place.

What Water Filter Do I Use For My Samsung Refrigerator?

In this article, we’ll cover up that if you have a Samsung refrigerator that is 2 in 1, means provide you the versatility of cold water through a dispenser as well as a place for storing and chilling your food or beverages, how efficiently you can find the best water filter for that if it needed to be replaced now. Moreover, you’ll also get to know what factors you should keep in mind before getting a water filter for your fridge, and when you need it, why, and much more in this brief guide.

What you’ll be able to know?

So, have a cup of tea for yourself and get ready to learn the things that have brought you here. Also, at the end of the day, I can make sure that you will have the best water filter for your Samsung refrigerator.

Why do you need to replace the water filter of your Samsung refrigerator?

Basically, the water filter does the important part of cleaning as well as making water chilled for every next sip that you take. There is alot of danger for your health if you do not change your water filter. This water coming to the dispenser of your refrigerator has to travel several places and it might include many bacteria, fungus, harmful chemicals, or other VOCs that are very dangerous and harmful for your health.

That’s why a water filter is there to eliminate these germs or bacteria and provide you fresh clean water that is best for drinking and health-friendly.

But with time, it starts losing its efficiency, and there comes a time when you need to replace it. Even many refrigerator manufacturers recommend replacing the water filter after every 6 months and that’s true because if you don’t do that, the water that you will be drinking would look clean and drinkable, but it actually won’t remain the same.

You may observe color change, odor, or some other bad taste in the water because the water filter is now no more. Hence, someone can look for replacing the old water filter with a new one.

What water filter do I use for my Samsung refrigerator?

Now, let’s come to the main part of this article as if you are having a Samsung refrigerator and looking for a water filter that must be compatible with it, you should keep in mind the following things that I am going to describe in the coming lines. I hope that this will help you understand how easily and knowingly you can have a water filter for your refrigerator.

The thing is, different Samsung refrigerators models require different types of filters according to their shapes and sizes. But for making it simpler, these Samsung refrigerator water filters are classified into three main categories based on their shapes and sizes.

Choose the correct Water filter for your Samsung Refrigerator

These are given as follows:

  • HAF-CIN Water filter
  • HAF-QIN Water filter
  • HAFCU1/HAFIN Water filter

How do I know which water filter is best for my Samsung Refrigerator?

For knowing which water filter is best for your Samsung Refrigerator you’d have to follow a step-by-step procedure and then make a decision about getting one. Therefore, you can do the following things to specify the suitable refrigerator for your fridge.

Locate Your Samsung Refrigerator Model Number:

The first and foremost thing to do when choosing an inline water filter for your fridge is to locate the model number of your refrigerator. However, how can somebody find it?

The best way to find the serial or model number of your Samsung refrigerator is that there is an indication that says that they all start with ‘R’. The only exception you can make is that the built-in Chef Series models are the one that starts with ‘BR’. They are printed at the bottom left side of the refrigerator so you can see them from there.

Besides this one that is printed on the outside, there is another one you can find which is printed on the inside top frame wall of your Samsung refrigerator. You can find both easily without any difficulties.

Now choose one water filter from these three ones for your Samsung water filter.

If you think that all the refrigerators use the same water filter then you might be wrong. Thanks to Samsung as they have made three water filters being three different options for different kinds of refrigerators as well as side by side refrigerators. So, when you will be able to specify the model, you can choose the one matching your refrigerator and is compatible with that.

Nevertheless, any of these can fit inside your refrigerator, but the best suggestion to you would be to ask a Samsung Refrigerator manufacturer or a local repairer as he guides you easily with what type of water filter you will need.

Where to buy a Samsung Water filter refrigerator?

Getting a water filter is not difficult if you know the exact model and what type of filter you want to buy. For this, you can visit a Samsung refrigerator store, any online shopping center, or markets like Amazon or Alibaba, or you can buy a water filter for your refrigerator from a nearby refrigerator store that is selling Samsung water filters. It’s a pretty easy job to do and I am hopeful that you will cope up with it.


Samsung Electronics DA29-00003G Samsung HAF-CU1-2PXAA Water FilterSAMSUNG Genuine DA97-17376B Refrigerator Water Filter SAMSUNG DA29-00020B-2P HAF-CIN Refrigerator Water Filter


Related Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Water Filters

Can I run my Samsung Refrigerator without the water filter?

Sure, you can. If your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t give you cold and clean water through its dispenser and you use it only for chilling your food, juices, beverages, or other edibles, then your Samsung refrigerator doesn’t really need a water filter.

However, if it does all the jobs of chilling food as well as beverages, plus it also provides you cold water through the dispenser, you have to use a water filter for running it.

Moreover, still, if you don’t want to avail this versatility, you can simply opt for the water cooler facility of your refrigerator and it will not ask you for a water filter.

How much is a Samsung water filter?

Water filters are not that expensive and can easily be bought or replaced. So, in this regard, a water filter of the Samsung brand might cost you from $15 to $50 depending on the type and size of water filter that you’d buy. Also, there might be some replacement costs if you don’t do the replacement by yourself.

What water filter do I need for my Samsung French door refrigerator?

When it comes to having or buying a water filter for your Samsung French door or Side by Side Refrigerator it is always recommended to get a Samsung DA29-000208 Refrigerator water filter. This will best suit your refrigerator with an Ice and water dispenser and do the job for you when you need to replace the old one.

How long do Samsung water filters last?

An average for replacing a water filter inside your Samsung or any other refrigerator is about 6 months, which is recommended by many branded companies as well refrigerator manufacturers. Because after 3 months, it will start rusting out and collecting harmful bacteria inside it that could damage your health and bring your life to a critical situation. Moreover, when it reaches the tenure of 6 months, believe me, you do have to replace it that time. There is no second option.

Are water filters good inside refrigerators?

Yes, a water filter is very important inside a refrigerator that has a dispenser for providing you cold and fresh drinking water. It makes sure that every next sip that you gonna take must be clean from germs, bacteria, and other harmful chemicals.

Summoning the things Up:

I hope that this small piece of information has helped you a lot in solving your query as you were looking for what water filter to use for my Samsung refrigerator. There are no hard and fast rules in selecting the suitable water filter for your Samsung refrigerator as all you’d have to do is to find the model or a serial number of your Samsung refrigerator and then go to an online store like Amazon to look for the compatible water filter with your Samsung refrigerator? I can make sure that you will be able to do it easily.

However, if you have any queries or want to add something, please let me know through the comment section. I would love to reply and be available 24/7. Hence, with all this, let’s see you soon on another great topic. Take much care of yourself, stay safe, stay happy. Have a nice day.

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