Refrigerator Smells Like Ammonia

Ammonia Smell in Refrigerator; What Does it Tell You? This article will help you if your Refrigerator Smells Like Ammonia.

Refrigerator Smells Like Ammonia

Now there isn’t a single reason your fridge or the area around it could smell unpleasant. You can have different smells based on different causes, and though you might be unalarmed and unfearful of it, you should probably keep an open eye for such a situation as it actually might be something harmful like strong ammonia gas.

What is meant by Ammonia Smell in Your Fridge?

If one day you randomly wake up to an extremely pungent smell in your kitchen area, it might actually be an ammonia smell. Now what that means is that your fridge works by running ammonia gas through is inner pipes to keep your foods and drinks fresh and cold. Everything’s good as long as the gas stays within the pipes and within the refrigerator. The problem comes where you randomly walk up to an unidentifiable source of strong pungent smell around your fridge because it is most likely to be ammonia gas that is leaking from the pipes of the fridge.

Refrigerator Smells Like Ammonia

What Causes the Leak?

The causes can be greatly unidentifiable to the lay man. It might be because of damaged pipes but the cause isn’t the most important thing. As soon as you’re able to identify the funky smell, your health becomes the top priority as ammonia is extremely poisonous especially in largfe amounts. Let the professionals handle it while you keep yourself safe.

Identify the Smell

Now as said earlier, we can’t state in black and white what the cause of the funky smell really is. Is it really ammonia or not? Don’t try to overcomplicate things by jumping to conclusions without any solid proof. Not every funky smell is going to be ammonia.

If you ever smell something bad around the refrigerator area, make sure to do a thorough search inside, behind and underneath the fridge while wearing a safety mask. It might be that something is rotting in there but if the smell is a non-food-like, very strong, and pungent smell you could safely assume that it is not food and might actually be ammonia gas itself. New yellow stains on the walls or ground surrounding the fridge, if any, might actually be a dead giveaway of an ammonia leak.

How to Get Rid of the Ammonia Odor?

Now we’re well aware of how most of us are layman that wouldn’t know what goes on inside of a fridge or where the smell is actually coming from or how to get rid of it or maybe even how to temporarily stop it. A layman wouldn’t know any of that. So, the best thing you could possibly do is call in the experts. Call the company’s customer service team and leave the rest to the professionals.

Refrigerator Odor Absorber | An Easy Solution:

The easiest solution to getting rid of the refrigerator smell is to use the Refrigerator Odor Absorber. There are different Odor Absorber for freezers are available on Amazon, but here are the top freezer Odor Absorber as following:

Odor Absorber for refrigerator

Using these smell absorbers, it is more convenient to clean the freezers after rotten meat.

Ammonia Smell; Safe or Not?

NO! The answer is clear, without any doubt, AMMONIA IS NOT SAFE for your health. A little won’t do much harm but just the right amount can actually trigger kidney diseases. You need to see a doctor right away especially if you shoe symptoms like kidney pain etc. So, as soon as you’re able to identify such a smell make sure you wear a mask to cover your mouth and your nose and make sure you evacuate the area until professional help comes.

An Alternative

Ammonia-based cooling systems are going out of fashion. In case of a leak, you might want to consider replacing you system with a newer model which uses other cooling systems like Freon.


In a nutshell, you should be cautious of any strong pungent odor around the fridge area as it might be because of a dangerous ammonia leak. Don’t over-stress. All you’re required to do in case of an ammonia leak from your fridge is STAY AWAY and even when checking wear a safety mask. Call in professional help as soon as possible and get it fixed or replace it.

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