Kenmore Elite 795 water filter Replacement – Complete Guide

If you are having any difficultly regarding Kenmore Elite 795 water filter Replacement, then this is the best guide that will help you to replace all types of Kenmore Elite refrigerator water filters easily.

Refrigerator manufacturers often recommend replacing the water filters after every 6 months. Nevertheless, Kenmore elite 795 refrigerators are one of the best admired and widely used fridges. They provide the versatility of clean and pure water through a dispenser and a chilled home for other edibles.

Kenmore Elite 795 water filter Replacement- Step by Step Procedure

But often, most of us are looking for the Kenmore elite 795 water filter replacement tactics, but why? Because if you don’t know how to do so? You may do it in the wrong way. Or it might cost you calling for an operator.

Therefore, settle yourself and get your tools ready. Because today, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can make such type of replacement inside your Kenmore elite 795 refrigerators.

How do you change the water filter on a Kenmore Elite 795?

Without talking through the bushes, let’s come to our main topic. The process is very simple and easy to do if you know some basic rules of thumbs. You will not need to check your refrigerator from a professional as you can do it easily by yourself. So, it’s time to get into the actual process of replacement and getting things done.

How to replace the water filter of Kenmore elite 795 refrigerator- A step by step Guide:

Confirm the Model Number of your Kenmore Refrigerator:

Before you go for the water filter replacement, you need to confirm the model number of your Kenmore Elite refrigerator. This is usually written on a sticker. This sticker is usually dispatched on one of the sides inside the refrigerator as shown in the below picture. Or maybe towards the backside of the refrigerator.

Confirm the Model Number of your Kenmore Refrigerator

Buy the compatible water filter for your Kenmore Elite 795 refrigerator:

Once you’ve confirmed the model number. The next thing to do is to buy a compatible water filter for your refrigerator. For this, you can visit the manufacturer’s website. Or else you can buy it from any online store like Amazon that must match with the previous water filter. There are no worries as you can do it easily.

However, sometimes it appears that the water filter that your refrigerator is already using is of low quality. It might be the one from a third party but not from the actual manufacturer. So, you should always buy a high-quality water filter and it will usually cost you from $25 to $30. For Inline Water Filter For Refrigerator you can check out this post.

Find where the water filter is located inside your refrigerator:

In several models, you will find the filtration system at the upper left-hand corner on the top side of the refrigerator as shown in the below picture.

Find where the water filter is located inside your refrigerator

However, some models might have the water filter box at the bottom side of the refrigerator. So, you can also find it easily. There are no hard efforts that you will have to do.

Replace the old water filter with the new one:

Now you’ve successfully found that where the water filter is located inside your refrigerator. It’s time to replace the old one with a new one. To open the water filtration system, you may have two types of openings inside your fridge. Let’s talk about both of them one by one.

The first type of Water filter:

In the first type of system, you will see a “push sign” written on the water filter box. You can easily push it and open it.

Open the water filter cover

Basically, there is a push-button inside it, and when you push from both sides using both fingers. The system opens like this.

Kenmore Elite 795 water filter

There you can see the water filter. Now you can easily remove it and fix the new one. Just scroll it slightly or slide it down and you will have it.

Kenmore Elite 795 water filter Replacement

The second type of Water filter:

In the second one, you will have an opening like this.

Remove old Kenmore Elite 795 water filter

Just scroll it towards the mentioned direction and you will easily be able to remove the water filter. Just like this.

Install a new water filter in Kenmore Elite refrigerator

Now, it’s time to get the compatible filter and put it again inside the water filtration system.

Point the new water filter in the right direction, slide it towards the right side and lock it right there. Congrats! Because you have successfully replaced the older water filter with a new one inside your Kenmore Elite 795 refrigerator.

Do not forget the water filter reset indicator:

At the end, when you have made the replacement. The final thing to do is to press the Water filter Reset Button for at least three seconds. This will tell the refrigerator that the replacement has been made. And now, the fridge must start using the new water filter.water filter reset indicator

Final Sayings:

So, I hope that now you’ve learned about the Kenmore Elite 795 water filter Replacement in this brief guide. There are no hard and fast rules while making the replacement. But all you need to do is to find a compatible and high-quality recommended water filter to replace it with the old one. In the end, press the button and you are good to go.

Hence, this was all for today. If you have any queries. Please! Do not forget to leave a comment. Have a good day ahead.


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  1. I have this model Kenmore Elite
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    I’ve changed the water filter and am now trying to reset the
    “change filter” light so it will turn off. I’ve held down the lighted change filter button for 3 sec. But it won’t stay off. Once I open the refer. door it just lights back up.


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