How to get burnt plastic smell out of a dishwasher?

Does your dishwasher emit an uncanny smell of burning plastic that makes you uncomfortable and discourages your craving for your meal? Well, here is something you might want to know about “How to get burnt plastic smell out of a dishwasher?”

How to get burnt plastic smell out of a dishwasher?

Dishwashers are a highly efficient and eco-friendly kitchen appliance that is designed for saving your precious time from your hectic life but what if it is troubling you with an unpleasant smell. Well, it is not unusual to have a chemical odor when you buy a new dishwasher. But the smell of burning plastic is quite different from that and might make you worried that either your dishwasher is broken, or it has an electric malfunction. It may be caused by a number of reasons which might be dangerous therefore you might be careful of that.


Reasons of burnt plastic smell in the dishwasher?

If your dishwasher is new and has an odor identify what is causing a smell and make sure that you are not washing your dishes in a potential health hazard. Sometimes you feel the odor of burnt plastic in your new dishwasher that may be due to plastic wrap around your heating element as many manufacturers cover it to avoid damage. You can remove it easily as it is for safety purposes.

Dishwasher heating element

The other reason for having a plastic burnt smell may be due to an electric malfunction in the electric motor of the dishwasher. One must be careful as it may cause harsh in form of electric shock or burn.

burnt plastic in dishwasher

 It is usually seen in dishwashers that a plastic piece (spoon, spatula, etc.) has fallen on the electric motor and get melted, and due to which your dishwasher has burnt plastic smell in it. The heating coil is a snake-like strip running around your dishwasher. Make sure that no utensils or plastic will touch the coil and in case plastic is present on it remove it in the best way you can. Do not scratch it as it can cause damage to the coil.

Why is my dishwasher melting plastic?

 You are having a smell like burning plastic from your dishwasher and you are worried that from where it comes out and how to fix the fault?  Now you do not have to be worried about it as it is identifiable if you feel like something is melting and if you check it most probably you will figure out what is that? Most probably the melting plastic is seen because of fallen out of some plastic crockery that may be spoon or spatula on the electric motor which after resultant to be a melting material when the dishwasher is plugged in. It starts melting due to the immense heat of the electric motor.

How to get burnt plastic odor out of your dishwasher?

If you have the ease of getting your dishwasher out of that smell, why won’t it make you happy? I will tell you how this will happen. Firstly, you must take the plastic spoon or material out from the heating element without causing any harm to the motor to get rid of an unpleasant odor. Still not working.

  1.  Place an ice pack on the melting material it will harden the material and make it easy for you to take it out as if it does not get removed your dishwasher start getting more and more smelly and eventually it has a high chance of stop working.
  2. Take the rest residue out of the dishwasher with the help of acetone or nail polish remover. After the complete removal of residue, you will notice that the odor starts vanishing.
  3. If you are quite busy and do not have much time, then you have an option to replace the heating element for the better working of your dishwasher.
  4. Another way is that empty the dishwasher and after taking out the plastic fill the soap compartment with baking soda Set the dishwasher to a “normal “wash and let the baking soda’s smell fighting capabilities do their work.

How do you know if the heating element is bad in the dishwasher?

  If you inhale it for a short time period,it doesn’t do much harm to your body but you can face discomfort, coughing shortness of breath but the symptoms will fade soon if you ventilate your home by opening windows but it can be very harmful to health if you inhale it on a daily basis as medically it contains toxins which can affect your lungs seriously and if you have family in your house someone might face irritation or breathing problems. Another harmful effect of burning plastic waste is that it causes pollution which may be called as damage to the ozone layer.

Identify if the heating element is bad or not working properly.

If the dishwasher has heating element and you have figured out that the dishwasher is not drying properly. You firstly must inspect the element for any corrosion or acute crack. Any visible damage strongly indicates that the element is burned out and there is a need to replace it.

Apparently, if you do not find any fault, use multi-meter to test the heating element for continuity. If does not show any change in its reading that means that your heating element is defective. By these two simple methods, you can easily figure out its working condition.

heating element in Dishwasher

FAQ’s on How to get burnt plastic smell out of a dishwasher

Does burnt plastic smell go away?

Yes, if you properly take the plastic out of the heating element and clean it properly with no melted residue left you felt to be free from the plastic burnt smell.

Is the dishwasher cause problem once plastic gets stuck inside?

Yes, if the plastic is stuck it can cause damage to not to its heating element only but also cause an irritating smell. And may stop working if it gets stuck inside for a long time.

Why does my dishwasher always smell?

It may be due to the leftover of food particles in a filter for a long time or due to having the plastic things on its heating element.

Are plastic fumes dangerous?

Yes, it has toxic gases like dioxins and furans which may cause many health issues like cancer, asthma, and many effective harmful effects to the human body.

Can you use baking soda in dishwasher?

Yes, you can use baking soda for a fresh-smelling and stain free dishwasher without having any side effects.

Is the melted plastic in the dishwasher is toxic?

Small particles of plastic are not toxic as it simply passes through the digestive track and eliminated in the usual manner. It is not much risky.

Can a dishwasher start a fire?

A dishwasher contains heat elements that dry your dishes These elements get heat up, cool, and wet every time but yes, an old or faulty dishwasher can catch fire.

How do we clean a melted plastic?

You can use ice to harden the plastic then you can remove it, or you can use a dull knife to take it off for the remaining material you can use acetone by that it can be easily peeled off.

Is there a new plastic smell?

It is normal to have a plastic smell and will fade with time.

Is it normal to have a musty, spoiled smell in dishwasher?

It may be caused due to standing water in a dishwasher, Maybe your dishwasher is not draining properly.



I hope that you will find this article to be helpful and find out some innovative ideas to get rid of burnt plastic odor out of your dishwasher without damaging them. Keep it in mind that you have to take all the precautions that are mentioned above to get burnt out from your dishwasher without getting into any mess.

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