How To Clean The Freezer After Rotten Meat

Are you worried about how to clean the freezer after rotten meat? Sometimes when food gets spoiled in the freezer, especially meat, it leaves a very bad odour, which is usually hard to get rid of. This often happens when your refrigerator is not working properly, or sometimes when you leave, it switches off for some time. When the temperature of the freezer is not optimum to keep the food and meat from spoiling, it goes bad and leaves very stubborn odours that are hard to get rid of. And Some times your refrigerator may smell like ammonia, which mean you need to perform a deep clean of your Freezer.

How To Clean The Freezer After Rotten Meat

How To Clean The Freezer After Rotten Meat:

People often ask this question: how to clean the freezer after rotten meat? They have a hard time trying to get rid of that odour. So here are some ways to manage this problem.

Deep cleaning your Refrigerator:

  1. The first thing you do when you figure that the meat is rotten and there is a stubborn odour in the place, you need to immediately remove the meat or any other food that is rotten from the freezer and also remove everything from the freezer to clean it. Throw the bad stuff away and store the stuff that is still good to eat someplace else.
  2. Now turn your freezer off and remove any electric supply. Make sure that the freezer is not connected to electricity, in any case, to be safe.
  3. Open the doors of the freezer and turn on the exhaust or ventilation system of the room. Open all the windows and other air outlets.
  4. Now let the ice in the freezer melt and clean it thoroughly using a safe scraper made out of plastic. You should avoid using a metallic or steel scraper on your freezer to be safe and keep your freezer safe.
  5. After you have removed all the ice in the freezer, use a green detergent diluted with water and add some lemons to the solution.
  6. Use this solution to clean your freezer.
  7. Now remove the drip pan from the bottom of your freezer and clean it thoroughly. The drip pan is the pan fixed at the bottom of your freezer. It is usually removable, and it is supposed to collect any dripping from the freezer.
  8. Sometimes when you cannot figure out why your freezer stinks, it is in the drip pan. It collects the drippings, and sometimes when it is not cleaned for a long time, the water collected in it gives off that bad odour. Cleaning the fridge thoroughly is the obvious and most important step to get rid of the smell.

How To Clean The Refrigerator

Here is some additional information on how to clean the freezer after rotten meat.

Getting rid of the odour from Freezer:

In most cases, the smell remains after you have cleaned your freezer and removed the drip pan. You need to know what to do next and why Actually, the odour is still there because it was absorbed by the wall panels of your freezer,
and even when you have it cleaned, you still need to do some deodorizing in order to get rid of that smell.

Here are some tricks and methods that would be useful to get rid of that smell and store your food again in that freezer.

Place an odour absorbent in your freezer:

Vinegar is naturally an odour absorbent. It absorbs the odour for a very long time. Along with
vinegar, baking soda can also work wonders. The trick is to fill a large bowl with vinegar or baking soda and let your freezer run and leave it there for 1-2 days. It will take some time to absorb all the stinky odour lingering in the air inside your refrigerator. Keep the exhausts of the room on for a while and keep the windows open.

Use cat litter:

To clean the freezer after rotten meat, Get a bag of odour absorbent cat litter. Cat litters are designed to absorb odours and can be very useful to get rid of that stinky odour from your refrigerator. Open a bag of cat litter, make sure it’s an absorbent one, with green particles, not the sandy one. Pour it into a large flat plate and place it in your freezer. Let your freezer run for some time, maybe 24 hrs, you will know when the odour is not there anymore.


We all love coffee, but did you know it can also work as a deodorizer? Luckily coffee knows how to clean the freezer after rotten meat, so place a freshly opened can of coffee in your freezer while you leave the doors of the freezer open. Coffee is commercially used to remove the stink from the vehicles in which animal hides are transported, so it should get rid of the stink of rotten meat as well.

Activated charcoal:

If the smell is very strong and is not going away from either of the above methods, try using activated charcoal. You can get activated charcoal from the market, and you can get it from aquarium shops. The charcoal is known to absorb stuff, and it is really good at it. Get a bag of charcoal and put it in a large pan and leave it in your freezer while it is turned off and leave the doors of the freezer open and place a small fan running near the door of the freezer; this will probably get you rid of the smell.

Use water and newspaper:

Use some damp newspaper to wrap the shelves of the freezer, place some water in the bowl in the top rack of the freezer and leave the refrigerator running for 4-5 days. This method takes time but is proven effective to get rid of the rotten meat odours.

Consult a technician:

If you cannot get rid of the odour after several days and after trying all the methods mentioned above, there is a high possibility that the odour has gone into your motor unit of the freezer. It may have penetrated your refrigerator's insulation, and if that must be the case, you will need to remove the odour from the insulation. For this purpose, you can use an air compressor if you have some experience in this department; otherwise, it will be safer to contact a technician.

If you want to clean your fridge that has been unplugged you can visit the link.

They know how to clean the freezer after rotten meat and can help. The technician will probably remove the lining and replace the insulation. In any case, make sure that you try all the methods before you get rid of the refrigerator
itself. With this complete guide on ‘how to clean the freezer after rotten meat?’ Hopefully, you will be able to clean your freezer now.

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