GE Artistry Refrigerator Review

This article is on “GE Artistry Refrigerator Review”, which is GE’s unique design refrigerator series, which was discontinued few years back. GE is one of the most popular companies globally and has been around for over 100 years. GE has always been at the forefront of technology, but their new GE Artistry series refrigerators are taking it up a notch! This article will provide an overview of this fantastic refrigerator line.

GE Artistry Refrigerator Review

There were many different models in this line of GE refrigerators to fit your needs; some have LED lighting and glass shelves, while others may come with an ice maker or water dispenser built-in. There is no doubt that these GE Artistry refrigerators are some of the most advanced markets.

What is GE Artistry Series Refrigerator

This line features some of the most advanced refrigerators on the market, with a variety of different models to fit your needs. Some of the features you can expect include LED lighting and glass shelves, as well as icemakers or water dispensers built-in. GE’s Artistry series refrigerators are perfect for those who want high-quality appliances without sacrificing style.

  • GE has just released its new Artistry Series, designed to combine style and affordability. The kitchen suite consists of an affordable bottom freezer refrigerator ($1k), top control dishwasher ($499) with WiFi capabilities for enhanced convenience. Altogether, the MSRP is around $2 416.
  • The GE Artistry Series is designed with style in mind.
  • All appliances are within an affordable price range.
  • You’ll enjoy cooking in your new kitchen for years to come!

My old Experience with GE Artistry (2016):

This refrigerator is a great buy! I Buy GE ABE21DGKBS 30″ Artistry Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerator online and got it for the same price my last one was, and it’s just as attractive. The only complaint that stands out? It takes two weeks for the ordering process to be completed.

I love my new refrigerator. The Artistry style looks great in the kitchen, and it’s very roomy. I can store more groceries than ever before, even with its features that are so easy to use. You need to be chilled without having ice cubes rattling around inside your cabinet or giving up on fruits because they’re already starting their decompose process (I’m looking at you grapes). One thing though: this runs a little louder than my old one did but other than being slightly noisy during regular operation, we haven’t experienced any problems yet by keeping both settings at “cold” instead.

It is the perfect size for two people and goes great with our kitchen style.

Best GE Artistry Models:

As per GE, the Artistry line of appliances was discontinued purely for marketing reasons. It is no longer available to purchase new, but you can still find some models in market if that interests you!

GE Artistry Retro refrigerator

The new GE retro refrigerator is the perfect addition to any kitchen. Its sleek chrome handles and knobs will catch your eye, as well as its unique features that are sure not to be found on other refrigerators! The Artistry also includes a gas range for cooking convenience with an electric oven capable of making four hundred fifty degrees Fahrenheit heat level.

ge artistry refrigerator review

This beauty will not only look great in your kitchen, but it’s got all the features to keep everything cool! The 30″ wide and 20 3 cu ft refrigerator comes with high gloss contoured doors perfect for hosting parties or just showing off its looks. You can’t go wrong when purchasing an appliance like this one due to its sheer convenience. Three electronic sensors allow quick response times, so nothing else stands between you and a good time cooking up some delicious meals on any day at home.

GE Artistry™ Series 20.3 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

The GE Artistry™ Series 20.3 Cu. Ft Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator is perfect for your kitchen, large enough to hold all of the food you’ll need, and ready at any time.
The high gloss doors with stainless handles allow this beauty to be seen across any room in style. At the same time, upfront temperature controls keep things running smoothly inside without interruption by pesky dials on an old analog clock face that only seems appealing now until its battery dies out–again (we’ve heard it plenty). The dimensions are 66 1/2 H x 29 3/, making it easy to decide where best place said appliance within one living quarter.

GE Artistry Series 20.3 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator

The GE Artistry 20.3 Cu ft bottom freezer refrigerator offers an optional icemaker for easy installation, which is perfect if you want to make sure your food stays cool and fresh! The deep bins on this model handle large containers, in addition freeing up valuable shelf space that can be used by more items instead of just storing them displeased at the moment when they’re not needed or wanted.

GE ABE21DGKBS 30″ Artistry Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

GE’s Artistry Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerator is a beauty. It has an elegant design, and the freezer section offers up to 20.9 cubic feet for all your food storage needs! The sleek black exterior makes this fridge perfect in any kitchen, as well- it will look great next to other stainless steel appliances like dishwashers or ovens too!

GE ABE21DGKBS 30" Artistry Series Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


Features of GE Artistry Refrigerator:

The GE Artistry Refrigerator features a stunning design that’s perfect for everyday use, and it can also be used as an elegant addition to your home. The GE Artistry series comes with the following unique features:


The GE Artistry Refrigerators style is a perfect fit for any kitchen. The large metal handles and rounded-off lines are both reversible, which means you can find the right look no matter what side lives up. The GE logo at the top of this fridge is an old-fashioned style that gives it a sense of balance and elegance.
The GE Artistry refrigerator is missing a few staple features. For example, you can’t control the humidity with drawers, and there’s no alarm if someone leaves their door open accidentally. There are also limitations on what bins fit in front of each drawer–no space for spices or other goods like condiments after all. The wire basket is a little too close to the side of my refrigerator, so I have trouble pulling it out all the way. You need to open the freezer door at 90 degrees to get it out.
The twin fridge drawers are a disaster for keeping foods fresh. The moisture retention test equipment lost 0.12 grams per hour, which is way below average and an excellent sign if you enjoy eating salad.


The fridge in my kitchen turned out to be pretty accurate, with a little fluctuation of just ±0.09°F over 72 hours! Temperatures remained at around 37 degrees Fahrenheit throughout most parts and averaged 36.21 on top (great for storing fresh food) while the bottom was warmer – 38+ Celcius gave better produce storage capabilities.

Cool test:

The Artistry’s freezer chilled room temperature test materials down to 32°F in just one hour and 26 minutes. While that’s not setting any records, it is on the better side of average for most frozen foods – as long as they aren’t delicate delicacies such as a top-quality steak or salmon cut!


FAQs about GE Artistry Refrigerator

where to buy GE artistry appliances?

The GE Artistry is a line of high-end appliances designed to make your home more beautiful, functional, and efficient. GE has been developing and manufacturing innovative products for the past 100 years. The company’s most recent release is their newest line of high-end kitchen appliances called the GE Artistry Appliance Collection, where you can find everything from refrigerators to dishwashers. You can find the best deals for these GE artistry refrigerators on, Amazon, and from BestBuy.

What is the difference between a GE refrigerator in a GE Profile refrigerator?

The GE & GE Profile Series appliances are designed to reflect the modern approach and blend in with today’s kitchens. Clean lines, minimal curves make it easy for everyday routines with next-generation features that answer real-life needs.

GE Profile Series is the newest addition to our line of home appliances. It offers all you need in one convenient package, with features that are both modern and technology-driven. The GE & GE Profile Series appliances are designed to reflect the contemporary approach and blend in with today’s kitchens. Clean lines, minimal curves make it easy for everyday routines with next-generation features that answer real-life needs!

Is GE a good refrigerator brand?

Is GE a good refrigerator brand? Is it worth the investment? The answer is Yes! GE is one of the most trusted appliance brands in America that has been around for over 100 years, with reliable and energy-efficient products. They make a wide range of products; their most reliable refrigerators are famous for quality performance.

What is the meaning of the GE refrigerator?

GE stands for General Electric, and it is a well-established household appliance manufacturer that produces refrigerators, freezers and other useful appliances.


Though the GE Artistry series refrigerators are good-looking fridges at $1,000 to $1900 which are currently not available for sale as it is discontinued. These refrigerator was stainless steel interiority and different models comes with an ice maker and water filter, plus it keeps your food cold. It still can’t compete against more expensive models in terms of performance because its shelves don’t stay put or have adjustable feet, making moving difficult. But it was a smart purchase in this price range.

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