Dangers of Not Changing Refrigerator Water filter

Dangers of not changing Refrigerator water filter

Refrigerator Water filter has become one of the widely and most used kitchen appliances in the United States and even all over the world. Due to severe changes in the natural and drinkable water and adding of any chemicals or substances/bacteria into the natural water, these days we all have to rely on a water filter so that we could drink a clean sip of water. But do you know the dangers of not changing the refrigerator water filter quite often? Well, in case you don’t, then let me help you to understand why it is compulsory to change your refrigerator water filter in this brief guide.

Therefore, I welcome you to this blog post if you are really worried about that water which was clean once, but now, its taste has been changed, a little unhealthy and it doesn’t look natural. Verily, there are many dangers of not changing your refrigerator water filter and we’ll cover up all the necessary information in this guide about that.

So, hold on, sit tight and let’s get this thing started.

What happens if you don’t change the water filter in your fridge?

Or from what type of diseases a water filter might keep you safe if it gets changed regularly?

That clean sip of water was pleasant once, if it doesn’t taste the same and your heart or thirst doesn’t satisfy it then don’t worry. Because you can make that water again worth drinkable if you will keep your refrigerator water filter cleaned and changed on different occasions.

But you should know the common causes or say harmful causes that might happen and can cause several diseases to yourself if you don’t change or clean the water filter in your refrigerator. Because your water has to travel a long distance before it reaches your refrigerator dispenser. When it travels through places like pipes and other areas, it may contain many dangerous chemicals including voltaic organic compounds, chlorine, or different types of wastes. A water filter cleans them with the help of carbon filtration and sediment but if you don’t clean the water filter itself on a regular basis, the water cannot be granted as safe water. That’s why, before discussing anything else, we’ll look into some severe and unhealthy effects that an uncleanable water filter may have and ultimately will exert on that clean drinking water.

Dangers of Not Changing Refrigerator Water filter

Several Harmful Chemicals and their effects:

The topmost and unknown causes are the spreading of many harmful chemicals if you don’t keep your refrigerator water filter clean. On the other hand, if you keep it clean and regularly changed, ultimately it will keep you safe and healthy and remove 99 percent of dangerous chemicals or contaminants from your drinking water. This will save you from exposing your body to many harmful bacteria like Chlorine, VOCs, Carbon, Mercury, Asbestos, Lead, Pathogens, wastes, pesticides, cysts, and many other unhealthy chemicals.

In one survey by NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council), there is 77 percent of native Americans, who don’t have clean water resources and they drink water from those types of systems that don’t meet the federal water cleaning standards that are specially designed for their health safety.

However, if you want to know in a little deep detail what an unclean water refrigerator filter or say the one that contains harmful contaminants can do to your health then let’s have a look at these chemicals one by one and their harmful side effects to your health.

  • Side effects of Mercury due to unclean water filter:

If you have a water filter that is not kept clean on a regular basis, it may contain a large amount of Mercury. But what Mercury can do to your health if you drink water that contains it? Sure, let me tell you that a high level of Mercury in your water filter is a severe chemical that can cause damage to your kidneys and brain and can develop a fetus in pregnant women. This can cause many serious worries for you. However, water itself doesn’t contain a large amount of Mercury, but yes, if your water filter is not clean, the situation might be worrisome.

  • Side effects of Lead due to unclean water filter:

The second most harmful chemical that can cause serious health problems from water is its containment of a large amount of Lead Chemical. This chemical tends to seep into the clean water through water pipes and mostly your water filter can contain or have it. This can affect you with behavioral, neurological, and other health problems in adults as well as Childs. But when you keep your water filter cleaned, this will keep you safe from drinking Lead mixed water.

  • Side effects of Asbestos due to unclean water filter:

An uncleaned refrigerator water filter can also contain the Asbestos chemical. The World Health Organization (WHO) states and warns you about asbestos. This organization says that asbestos is that type of material that can be found in construction materials and insulation. This makes a way to our water through many sources like it can mix into it through a large variety of channels that includes erosion from pipes, industrial wastes, and some other resources as well. So, if somehow your drinkable water contains this chemical, this can cause health problems like serious issues to your respiratory systems such as mesothelioma and lung cancer. Therefore, one should keep his/her refrigerator water filter cleaned.

  • Side effects of Pathogens due to unclean water filter:

These are chemicals to which you ultimately expose yourself even without getting out of your home. And yes, they are inside your water somehow. I think you might not go to drink water again from the water filter after reading about all these chemicals and their effects. Ah, don’t worry, because if you keep your refrigerator water filter cleaned and changed on a regular basis, none of this will cause you anything. However, these diseases that cause you even without leaving your house are predicted as waterborne diseases that, according to many Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, kill hundreds of people every year.

  • Side effects of Wastes due to unclean water filter:

Not just the chemicals but even wastes can mix up in your drinking water. Do you have any idea about that? Well, sure you don’t. But according to NRDC reports, many types of wastes are tested and tasted into drinking water that usually contains pharmaceutical wastes, biowastes, medical wastes, wastes from the production of Nuclear energy and other weapons, and much more. When these mix up in the water and water filter may clean them. But with time, this will lead to making you drink unhealthy water from your water filter even without your knowledge.

  • Side effects of Carbon, VOCs, and Chlorine due to unclean water filter:

Many other chemicals like Carbon, VOCs, and Chlorine can add to your drinking water and make it worse. These carbon compounds or contaminants are very dangerous and cause many problems for the throat, digestion, and other health effects. So, to prevent these, you have to clean your water filter and keep it changed regularly.

General causes that might happen if you don’t keep refrigerator water filter clean:

Except for all these human and health effects, some general causes might happen if you don’t keep your refrigerator water filter clean. These are given as follows.

Your refrigerator starts decomposing faster.

In this case, these harmful chemicals don’t really exert bad effects on your health but also prove to be a severe loss in the form of your important asset which is your refrigerator itself. These chemicals get clogged and your refrigerator starts decomposing even if it is in its warranty. If you fail to change your water filtration system it will cause sealing and deposit buildup in the ice machine and water, which brings serious harm to your fridge. This build-up starts increasing with time and causes your fridge to slow delivery of water, slowing down the whole system, and also negatively affects the taste of your natural, pure and clean water.

  • Bad tastes of water:

It’s pretty obvious that if you drink water from an unclean water filter its taste will surely be a bad one. This happens because when your refrigerator water filter doesn’t have the capacity and power to completely eliminate all of the harmful bacteria then it starts containing them and mixes them into the water that you take for a drink. It makes water taste metallic and sulfuric. However, to make sure that you’d have a clean, pure, healthy, and natural sip of water every time you drink, is to get a high-quality water filter that must be capable of staying for a longer time with you.

How to know when to change the water filter in a fridge?

That’s a good thing to know when you should actually go for changing the water filter of your fridge. This usually happens when things start getting worse, you don’t be able to get the same water you used to get from the previous 4 or 5 months and your refrigerator system is getting slower. Therefore, here are some common signs that will help you understand that it’s time for the replacement of your fridge’s water filter.

  • Observing bad taste and odor in the water:

If you haven’t cleaned your fridge water filter for a long time, surely it will start contaminating the water that will be dispensed from it. In this case, this is a good sign that you should leave the laziness aside now and change the water filter ASAP when you observe unpleasantly and odor water tastes from that filter.

  • Observing cloudy ice from the ice maker:

If you own the old filter, it will not certainly wipe out all the impurities from the water that is used to make ice and you might observe cloudy ice from your water filter. This is again a bad sign that there is something wrong with the water filter that should be solved.

  • Checking the slow flow of water:

When you dispense water, you may observe its slow flow while dispensing as this happens due to the impurities clogged inside the water pipe or tap. In this case, you should keep in mind that your filter got clogged and it is not supplying the water in the same way it used to be. That’s why, it is another sign that now, you should go for changing it or replacing it.

  • Getting your filtered water to be tested:

Another good thing to do and know whether you should change your water filter or not is to take a sample of water from that water filter and get it tested in a laboratory. You will come to know how nicely your water filter is doing its job and if it doesn’t, it will let you decide when to change it exactly. That’s a good idea of doing this.

How to know when to change the water filter in a fridge

When should I change the refrigerator water filter?

Despite everything else, how often you should change your refrigerator water filter depends on several things that include the model and brand of your fridge, the quality of your already available water filter and how often you use its water filtration and ice features, and some other general instructions including the size, type, and features of that water filter.When should I change the refrigerator water filter

The best way to know when you should change the water filter of your refrigerator is to judge its functions on the above-given factors as if it doesn’t meet any one of the above then this is the time you gonna change it.

According to the suggested time:

Different refrigerator manufacturers have different recommendations about changing your water filter. However, generally, you should visit the website of your refrigerator provider or its brand and check out the recommended time that is given for changing its water filter. Moreover, you will also have recommendations on filter changing frequency. But usually, we recommend you clean it every 3 to 6 months to keep your water clean and your water filter on track. However, this time may fluctuate depending on your usage, demands, and needs of water but usually, one replacement in 6 months is a good thing to ensure a healthy lifestyle with the help of clean water.

What type of water filter should I get, if I am going to replace the old one?

In this case, look for a high-quality, reliable, compatible, and durable water filter for your fridge. Such as you can search your desired water filter searching Every drop water filter and make a wise decision. These filters are best with quality, utility, and compatibility with many brands that are named KitchenAid, Whirlpool, and Maytag.

If you are looking for a durable and versatile water filter for your home fridge, consider buying Every pure water filter that is also good in demand and best with quality plus durability. They are the best options with commercial and residential kitchen appliances.

In the case of a modern refrigerator:

However, if you have got the latest technology or a modern refrigerator it will automatically tell you the time exactly when you need to replace the water filter. It uses its built-in sensors to detect whether your fridge needed any type of update like upgrading its water filter or not? And it will do this and tell the user by an indicator light that it is time to lose your pocket a little bit and get this thing updated.

Why Do Manufacturers Recommend Changing Your Filter Every Six Months?

Many refrigerator manufacturers recommend changing your refrigerator water filter at least once after 6 months or within six months. For example, companies like Samsung and GE replacement water filters recommend that your refrigerator water filter must be changed after every 6 months, while some other manufacturers do recommend a shorter turnover of at least 3 months. However, a replacement after 6 months is reasonable and considerable because, after this time, the water filter usually starts wearing out and losing its water filtration ability or say it doesn’t stay durable enough to work as a good piece of the pie.

In this case, it starts making water polluted and eventually you start getting sick from that polluted water due to the presence of bacteria and other chemicals whenever you drink it. However, it does depend on the usage of that water filter. Like if you live in a large family and you have to take or drink a lot of water from that water filter, you should go for at least one replacement after 6 months or as I said, within 6 months.

Moreover, as I said before, most of the refrigerators have an indicator light that lets you know about the replacement of their water filter. But if your specific one doesn’t have any indicator light; you should remember the time when you first bought it or when you made the last replacement. Therefore, to make it simple, these manufacturing companies have suggested and recommended changing your refrigerator water filter at least once in 6 months.

Dangers of not changing refrigerator water filter-Related Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get sick from not changing the refrigerator water filter?

The answer is a big YES! Because it is obviously clear that if you do not change your refrigerator water filter regularly after 3 to 6 months, it will start containing several types of bacteria and other harmful chemicals inside it. Ultimately, it will start contaminating the water and when you drink that contaminated water from your clogged with germs water filter, you will definitely get sick. Moreover, you might face severe stomach problems, headaches, or other harmful diseases like the killing of mucus in your body and cancer, etc.

Do I really need to change the water filter in my refrigerator?

For preventing your body from unhealthy conditions and diseases, it is always necessary to keep your water filter clean and up to date. Just make sure the availability of bacteria-free, germs free and containments-free water from it, no matter whatever it takes. And for that, keep it changing after a recommended period of at least 6 months. This should be your top priority.

Is it dangerous to not change the water filter?

Yes, it is too dangerous not to change the water filter. Because this will lead to the production and build-up of nasty bacteria, chemicals like Chlorine, Lead, Mercury, etc. and when these chemicals will enter your body, you will get sick or might get the severe disease, who knows. Therefore, it is always obligatory to keep your water filter cleaned and cleared from every type of VOCs compounds or harmful chemicals. Moreover, not changing your water filter might lead to a slow supply of water, water might get a bad taste filled with odor, and unknowingly it will include many chemicals that were the job of the water filter to remove them.

How often should refrigerator water filters be changed?

Well, it depends on how often you drink water from your water filter or dispenser and how much of its capacity Is being cleaned on a daily basis. Surely if you have a large family and you take a lot of water from your water filter, it will need to be changed within 3 to 6 months as recommended by many refrigerator manufacturers. Therefore, you should often change it once after 6 months.

Final thoughts:

I hope that after reading such a piece of comprehensive information given in this guide, you are definitely aware of the several adhesives and severe dangers of not changing the refrigerator water filter. If you own a refrigerator water filter inside your house and it is not the one now which it is used to be then you should go for changing it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you may get affected by many harmful chemicals as well as bacteria that can cause you many health problems. That’s why I do hope that you will take this thing into your consideration and will apply our given instructions on it.

Anyhow, with all this, see you soon on another great topic. Until then take much care of yourself and be safe. However, if you have any queries or you want to add something, please let me know through the comment section. Be happy, be blessed! Have a nice day.

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