10 Best Undercounter Beverage Refrigerator 24 Inches Cooler

Are you looking for a small, portable, and lightweight refrigerator that could easily fit under your counter, basement, or in a cramped space of your house? Or your new bar, she shad, or man cave requires you to have a beverage refrigerator so that you or your visitors could enjoy fresh and child drinks anytime? Well, if your mind is having these questions today and you are on a hunt for the best undercounter beverage refrigerator then stop looking further, because hopefully, you are at the right place.

Best Undercounter beverage refrigerator:

This latest innovation in the refrigeration industry has bestowed us with these beverage refrigerators or coolers that cover little space in your house and always stay ready for serving you cold water, wine, juice, beer, cans, drinks, soda, and other beverages that you like. You can imagine what a feeling it would be when you drink a sip of cold and fresh juice from the refrigerator placed undercounter of your kitchen, bar, camper van, boat, or anywhere, where life makes your presence. But the thing that could be bothersome for someone like you is how to and where to find the best beverage refrigerator for your under counter demands? Will you be able to find it? How much money you’d be needed for that? What kind of factors you’d be needed to look for?

Well, actually a lot of questions could be disturbing you. But all I would say is not to worry because in this article I have brought the top 10 best undercounter beverage refrigerators that will answer your every question by describing every little requirement that you’d be looking for in a cool beverage refrigerator of your choice. So, without wasting time, let’s have a look at these best choices that are wisely chosen by consulting with many users, reading many customer reviews, and comprehensive research.

1. hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler for undercounter- Best Beverage Center

While looking for the best beverage center, I got an eye over this most ratted and highly recommended great beverage refrigerator from hOmeLabs manufacturers. That’s why it has made at the top in this list. The fridge offers some on-the-go features for chilling most of the beverages and drinks of your desire. Constructed with stainless steel and a glossy door, you can amuse yourself while looking at your fresh and cold drinks inside the refrigerator that are placed inside the shadow of beautiful interior blue LED lighting. This one offers you a 3.2 Cubic Feet capacity which is reasonably extended to the Danby DBC026A1BSSDB beverage refrigerator.

You can easily store at least 120 slandered size beer or soda cans, and many wines bottle in it. The versatility is offered in its 3 removable wire shelves. But use it only for placing beverages and drinks because this one and the other beverage refrigerators are not made to store food, vegetables, and fruits in them.


hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel and Black
Finish Type: Glossy
Brand: HOmeLabs
Capacity: 120 Cans
Form Factor: Mini Fridges
Key Feature: Auto-Defrosting Function
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 17.3 x 18.9 x 33.3 inches

Moreover, it’s, an easy touch display temperature control panel makes you set your desired temperature level that can cold drinks up to 36 degrees F which is pretty much cold. The fridge has some advanced temperature controlling features that reset the temperature back to its default level in case if the fridge is unplugged or caused by any power outage issue. For your specific under-counter demand, the fridge stands best with 18.9 W x 33. H x 17.30 D dimensions for easy fitting in the basement, kitchen bar, and in your minibar. But if the installation doesn’t fit, you can use it best as a free stand unit. The fridge runs at 120V low voltage that reduces your electricity bills and make you less worried about it.

However, the things that could make you a little worrisome are the fridge’s racks that create issues sometimes while storing cans in them, and also the fridge’s black body gets a little hot. But overall, with a 5-star rating, this is something worth having inside your kitchen counter or home bar counter.


  • More room for storage
  • Fits best under counter or camper van
  • Advanced temperature display
  • LED blue lighting
  • Glossy display
  • In a reasonable budget
  • Good for storing drinks at family gatherings and parties
  • Issues with fridge racks
  • Gets a little hot sometimes

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler-Best Cheap undercounter Refrigerator

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler-Best Cheap undercounter Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel
Finish Type: Metallic
Brand NewAir
Form Factor: Stand Alone
Key Feature:chill down to 37 degrees
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 18.25 x 19 x 33.13 inches
Capacity: 3.4 Cubic Feet
Shelves: 5

Don’t let me forget but are you looking for a good capacity holder undercounter beverage refrigerator at a very low price? Yes, who doesn’t want that? And if you are that curious then let me tell you about the second most recommended NewAir beverage refrigerator and cooler. This one suits best and is perfectly designed for cramped places like minibars, beer bars, under-counter, kitchen bar, or anywhere you find suitable. As the fridge covers only this little space with 18.25 x 19 x 33.13 easily fitted dimensions. With having stainless steel structure and a pleasant looking the fridge comes with some demanded beverage storing features. This one can easily store up to 126 cans in its 5 removable wire racks/shelves that are a sign of great versatility. The fridge provides more space for storing beers and bottles than Whynter BR-128WS.

Also, the cans and beverages will be colder than ever before while running over a very low energy consumption of just 110V (even low than the hOmeLabs) and offering 37 degrees down, a chilling cooling level. Just set the thermostat at level 7 and let it hold the rest for giving you some colder and fresh drinks. The fridge is the best option for placing inside the offices, homes, kitchens, and bedrooms as it produces only 35DB little noise while working and making things chiller.

However, sometimes the fridge doesn’t specify its offered features, as it is not that durable according to many customers and sometimes there are warranty issue, and also can have cooling problems with the hot ambient temperature. But this is only in frequent cases. However, overall, the fridge is something worth to have under your counter.

  • Offers more space at a low price
  • Easily installable and carrying one
  • Consumes low energy
  • Removable racks
  • Interior lighting
  • Warranty issues
  • Doesn’t make cooling in hot ambient temperatures

3. Kalamera 24 inches Beverage Cooler for undercounter- Best undercounter fit

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler-Best Cheap undercounter Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel
Finish Type: Glossy
Brand Kalamera
Form Factor:Mini Fridges
Key Feature:Smart Digital Control
Dimensions LxWxH: 22.4 x 23.4 x 33.1 inches
Shelves: 5


If you are looking for a small but efficient and effective working undercounter beverage refrigerator then Kalamera 24 inches beverage cooler can fulfill your demands. But how and why this one? Well, let’s have a little deeper look into its never ending on-the-go features. The fridge is made up of some sturdy stainless-steel stuff and got an emperor design with a portable look that can easily be fitted anywhere. By 24 inches with 22.4 x, 23.4 x 33.1 easily fitted dimensions the fridge covers less space and comes into the variety of best 24 inches beverage refrigerators that are only designed for fitting under your counter. This is something similar in size with Phiestina Wine 24 inches Beverage Refrigerator but not with similar specs.

Like, check it out it’s a pretty good storage capacity that can easily store up to 154 cans in its 4 removable wire shelves. The different sizes of sodas, beer, and cans will be pretty cold inside it as it provides a cooling temperature level of up to 32 to 41 degrees compressor-based cooling. The low noise while working makes sure that everything should be looking silent while placed in the office, bar, or kitchen counter. Also, its door is not glossy which means it will not leak cooling and it runs at a low voltage of 110v by decreasing your electricity expenses.

However, the fridge offers you a little warranty of only 1 year and the customer does have complaints about its less durability sometimes. But in a very small-size mini fridge then its other versions like KRC-90BF, KRC-40DZB, KRC-150CB, and KRC-180CB this is something again worth having inside your minibar, kitchen counter and for creating a lot of cold beverages at family gatherings and birthday parties.

  • Covers small space
  • Best beverage center
  • Extended cooling and chilling
  • 5-star rating
  • LED light and touch temperature display
  • Sturdy made and versatile features
  • Security lock
  • Not durable for a long time but depends on usage
  • Requires care while installing


4- Danby portable Undercounter Refrigerator- best-budgeted undercounter fridge

2. NewAir Beverage Refrigerator Cooler-Best Cheap undercounter Refrigerator

Finish Type: Glossy
Brand Danby
Form Factor: Mini Fridge
Key Feature: Superior Cooling System
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 19.7 x 17.5 x 27.1 inches
Capacity: 2.4 Cubic Feet, 95 Cans
Shelves: 3

Don’t you want the best one at a very low price that suits you best under your kitchen counter? Of course, you do and you can’t stop yourself from falling for this one. This Danby beverage cooler and refrigerator which is fully constructed with stainless steel having a glass door holds best in providing the desired temperature and cooling level to most of the stored drinks and beverages. It can store up to 95 cans with 12oz or 355Ml capacity in its 2.6 cubic feet room. Although it is not like storing many drinks in it, still it can provide a reasonable space for this purpose. It is much upgraded than its previous Danby versions. The versatility is also added with 3 adjustable and easily removable door shelves and revisable door hinges.

The fridge makes many family’s lives easier as due to its 24 inches of space covering and 19.7 x 17.5 x 27.1 adjustable dimensions make this smarty stand easily in your kitchen counter, basement, and anywhere you like. Moreover, it produces less noise while running and keeps the beverages colder with an easily adjustable temperature level by providing a cooling temperature level of 43 degrees F to 57 degrees F. The electricity consumption level is also low but a little bit increased than the Kalamera 24 inches beverage refrigerator. It consumes 115 volts that is however, a little lower than hOmeLabs beverage refrigerator, which means there is nothing to worry about as it is still consuming reasonably low energy. Moreover, with interior blue LED lighting the product is something worth having for your mini bar or under counter demands.

However, the thing to be worried about is, this might get leaking water from its back within months. So, you have to consider this before shipment and delivery.

  • Reasonable capacity for storing cans
  • Good thermostat temperature level
  • Best beverage center
  • Blue LED interior lighting
  • Glossy door
  • In a low price
  • Can easily be fitted in most of the cramped spaces
  • Water leakage
  • Customer service problem


5- Whynter BR-130SB undercounter Beverage Refrigerator – Name of quality

Whynter BR-130SB Beverage Refrigerator

Color: Black/Stainless Steel
Finish Type: Glossy
Brand Whynter
Form Factor: Stand Alone
Key Feature:Powerful Compressor Cooling
Dimensions LxWxH: 18.5 x 17 x 33 inches
Capacity: 5.75 Cubic Feet, 120 Cans
Shelves: 6

Do you know what? I was wondering that why a Whynter fridge is not coming on this list and guess what? Here it is. This cherishes is due to the world’s one of the famous refrigerator manufacturers Whynter that has bestowed you with its BR-130SB beverage refrigerator being perfect for your under counter demands. The fridge enriched with pure stainless steel and a pretty good look will cover less space by having 33H x 17W x 18.5D dimensions. And will be easily fitted under your kitchen bar, cupboards, Bookshelves, or office tables and kitchen countertops for offering some chilled wine and soda. The fridge is a similar product to its BR-128WS version but much upgraded and with more space than its BRB-108BG and BR-019WS versions but still stands best for most of the undercounter demands.

The fridge comes with a standard 120, 12oz cans storing capacity that gets colder with a pretty good cooling temperature level of 30 to 60 degrees F. The machinal temperature display control panel makes you set your desired temperature level. The fridge produces a little noise and its internal latest fan circulation technology makes sure that the temperature could spread through every corner. Moreover, it also runs at a pretty low energy level by consuming only 115 volts.

However, it is not recommended for storing foods and vegetables and also you might have problems with its installation under the counter. But you can use it as a free stand option and it will work best.

  • Versatile and durable
  • Lightweight and freestanding
  • Chilling coldness
  • More upgraded
  • Can store a reasonably good number of cans.
  • In a low budget
  • 5-star rated product
  • Problems with installation
  • Doesn’t have a security lock

6. Phiestina 24 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator- More extended one

Phiestina 24 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel
Finish Type: Glossy
Brand Phiestina
Form Factor: Stand Alone
Key Feature:Air Circulation System/Advanced Compressor Cooling
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 42 x 29 x 28 inches
Capacity: 175 Cans
Shelves: 6

What if somebody gives you a beverage cooler that can store a large number of cans just in one shot for all of the family members and house visitors? Sounds good, isn’t it? Yes, you’ve heard right because you are going to get another great Phiestina 24 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator that, in its sturdy and wider shape can store more cans and can make them cold at an impressive cooling temperature. The fridge, although looks like not easily fitted one but be sure about it as with W 23.4 x H33 x D 22.4 dimensions and 24 inches space, you can easily install it inside your basement, kitchen counter, or in a mini bar that you own. The fridge can store 175 cans at a time over its 6 versatile wire shelves that are easily removable. The fridge offers more space and upgraded features than its previous version named Phiestina 15 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator.

Moreover, you can get your placed drinks colder under the 38 to 50-degree F temperature level by handling it with a digital memory temperature control system and advanced compressor cooling plus air circulation system. This advanced machine got LED lighting inside it and a beautiful glossy display. The fridge produces less noise. Also, its reversible door lets you open it in the left or right direction. The fridge also consumes low energy of only 110 volts by decreasing your electricity worries.

The only problem you might face with this one is the fridge doesn’t come with a security lock so it is only for adult usage. The children shouldn’t hang with its door handle. This can cause them trouble.

  • More space for storing cans
  • Consumes low energy
  • Latest technology features
  • Can easily be placed anywhere
  • LED interior light
  • Glossy door
  • Advanced cooling compressor
  • Less noisy
  • A security lock is missing

7. Galanz GLB36MS2F07 Beverage Center and Cooler

Galanz GLB36MS2F07 130 Cans Beverage Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel
Finish Type: Metallic
Brand Galanz
Form Factor:Mini Fridges
Key Feature: Electrical Temperature Control
Dimensions LxWxH: 18.9 x 18.7 x 33.5 inches
Capacity: 3.6 Cubic Feet/130 Cans
Shelves: 3

For having a decent, durable, portable, and lightweight fridge under your bar or kitchen counter, you wouldn’t mind overlooking another great fridge which is Galanz GLB36MS2F07 Beverage Center and Cooler. This one is coming with more room than the standard beverage refrigerator and has a capacity for storing at least 130 cans at a time. Premium built up by stainless steel, it has a glossy door and displays with versatile racks, 2 adjustable front legs for leveling, and other features. It can store more drinks, beers, juices, or water bottles. With 3 removable shelves, this one can hold up to 96 standard size cans and with having 18.90 X 18.70 X 33.54 size, it could be easily placed under the cabinets, could be left free-standing, or can be easily placed under your counter.

The best to offer is its extra cooling temperature that covers from 32 degrees F to 61 degrees F. Also, with its reversible doors with interior lighting, digital temperature display, and setting feature you will have additional added flexibility and versatility. The fridge is a similar product to Whynter BBR-801BG but it has a little more space for cooling more cans. Although, it can relatively consume more energy while running over 120V but still, it is one of the low energy consumption beverage refrigerators.

However, the security lock feature is not added into it, but you can have and see this mini-sized beverage refrigerator in most of the kitchens, houses, bedrooms, dorm rooms, offices, or at mini bars which means it is again something worth having for.

  • Provides more space
  • Can easily be fitted and placed anywhere
  • Runs over reasonably low voltage
  • Ultra-cooling temperature
  • Reversible flexible doors
  • Adjustable thermostat temperature display
  • Produces less noise
  • A security lock is not added
  • Not too much ratted

8. Walsh WSR35S1 Compact Refrigerator

Walsh WSR35S1 Compact Refrigerator

Color: Stainless Steel Look
Finish Type: Glass
Brand Walsh
Form Factor: Mini Fridge
Key Feature:Adjustable Thermostat Control
Dimensions LxWxH: 19.13 x 21.1 x 32.8 inches
Capacity: 3.5 Cubic Feet
Shelves: 5

For fulfilling your particular undercounter demands, the Walsh compact refrigerator is going to be the last but never least great choice to look for. It is a fridge with only a single door and a single compartment that can store drinks and a little food item in it. But using this for beverages only would be better. The elegant look, which is made up of stainless steel, looks fine to the eyes and makes a great impression while being placed under a counter, in a mini bar, or dorm room. By having dimensions only 19 X 21 X 32, this can be easily fitted anywhere you’d like. Its 3.5 Cubic feet capacity which is upgraded than its previous models like WSR17S5 and WSR31TS1 offers more space for storing food as well as cans, beverages, or drinks.

The adjustable thermostat temperature levels make you adjust the temperature at your desired level and chill the things inside it from 32 to 47-degree F for the refrigerator compartment, and 27 to 37 degrees F for the chiller compartment. Moreover, removable and versatile glass shelves make you easily store foods and drinks into them. Although, you are looking for storing beverages in a mini-sized undercounter fridge, if something like this is offering you to store food items, then this won’t be a bad deal to make.

However, the fridge would be better to be used as a free stand but you’ve to carefully install it under your counter. But if it doesn’t go for that, don’t do, just simply placed your fridge beside a wall or anywhere in the house and use it for quite a good span.

  • Refrigerator and chiller
  • More room for storing food and beverages
  • Runs at low voltage 120V
  • Best for use as a free stand
  • More cooling temperature
  • In a low price
  • Sturdy look and structure
  • Doesn’t come with a handle
  • Doesn’t come with a security lock

Things to consider before buying undercounter beverage refrigerator

I can imagine the difficulty that you might face while selecting the best beverage refrigerator from the above-given choices that could easily fit in your undercounter. But what if someone limits you to some important factors that you should consider before buying it? Yes, sure, this would be a better idea. That’s why I am going to tell you some important factors that you should look at before buying a decent and durable fridge that could easily fulfill your under-counter, mini bar, dorm room, or office shelves requirements.

Buyer’s Guide

So, let’s have a look at them because this will help you in making a healthy decision.


The first and foremost requirement that you need to consider is the size of the fridge that you are going to buy. Because an extremely bigger one will not fit, right? So, this is important to know that you should buy only a fridge that could easily be fitted in your undercounter. For this particular need, a mini-fridge with 24 inches size or less, with low dimensions would be a great choice to make. Also, measure the place where you think you wanna install your fridge above from the floor and then compare it with the size of that refrigerator. However, if the desires are to use it as a free stand or something, then you can buy any mini beverage refrigerator, but for undercounter or shelves fitting demands, you have to consider the size very carefully.


A mini-fridge can easily be installed anywhere in your kitchen counter, mini bar, or dorm room. However, if you face difficulties while installing it at your desired place, please don’t force it. Call for an operator or take precatory measures before installing it. Also, as I said match the size of your fridge with the place where you wanna install it.

Durable and versatile:

Make sure that the fridge that you are going to buy is durable and has all the versatilities that you require for your beverages, drinks, beers, water, wines, or sodas storage. If it will not be a durable one, it will not stay for a longer period with you. So, durability is very important with at least a reasonable warranty of your desired fridge as it will be a great choice for the money that you will spend.

Temperature level:

For your particular undercounter beverage refrigerator demand, temperature level is also very important to consider. Because in a fridge that is used for storing food items, drinks could get more chilled than your desired temperature level in it. So, in a fridge that is specially designed for storing beverages, the drinks stay at your desired temperature level. that’s why for an undercounter demand or for having some fresh and cold drinks, only a beverage refrigerator would be a great choice.


Price or your desired budget factor is the thing that could make you happy or sad. But for buying a beverage refrigerator you don’t need to be worried about that at much. However, for buying a durable and versatile, with a good drink storage capacity and the latest featured beverage refrigerator that could easily be fitted in undercounter, you should have at least 800 to 900 dollars. This would be the best choice to make. But if you don’t have that budget, you can still get a decent and good-conditioned beverage refrigerator for 300 to 400 dollars. So, the choice is yours.


Much happier to see you at this end after reading such a piece of comprehensive information about the best undercounter beverage refrigerator. I hope that you have got your desired one and enjoying cold and fresh drinks from it after placing it in your undercounter or kitchen bar. But if there is still something that is stopping you from making your choice then not a worry at all. Because I have mentioned the two most used and highly recommended undercounter beverage refrigerators below that will let you help in making a quick decision.

  • hOmeLabs Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler for undercounter
  • Phiestina 24 Inch Beverage Cooler Refrigerator

So, this was it for today, let’s see you soon with another great idea. Until then take care of yourself and have some cold beverages from your undercounter beverage refrigerator.


Best undercounter beverage refrigerator- FAQs

Do under-counter fridges need ventilation?

The answer is a big yes. The fridge that is placed inside your under counter needed proper ventilation. Because the place must be heat-free and at the cold ambient temperature. So, that your fridge must work properly and get fresh air for producing proper cooling.

Why are beverage fridges so expensive?

Just because of their built-in design and versatility they are a little more costly than free-standing fridges. You should always keep in mind the location where you wanna place it and the dimensions of the fridge that you are gonna buy. So that both could match.

Can you use a beverage cooler as a refrigerator?

It depends on the way you use it as it can easily be placed under your counter or can be used as a freestanding unit. So, yes you can use it as a beverage refrigerator.

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