Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement

Everybody loves to have a clean environment, and it is absolutely an excellent habit to clean the area around us. However, it is more important than clearing the air around you. Many of the peoples who decide to buy the humidifiers are unable to determine where to put the humidifiers and are in constant search of a place that is best for the device.

Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement

Now, most companies and experts suggest that the dehumidifiers should be placed in the basement as it is the most favorable spot to do so, which is what this article is about. In this article, we will guide the best setting for dehumidifiers in basement so that you can easily use them.

Please read on below and knows; what the dehumidifier is and how to use it!

What is a Humidity?

Before describing the details of dehumidifiers and where to place them, it is best to know why these are used. The main reason is to eradicate humidity. Now you may wonder what humidity is. This is because the moisture in the air leads to dampness and thing getting greasy and wet due to the water molecules present in the air.

What is a dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is an electronic device used to absorb moist air and make the environment suitable to live in. It helps in decreasing the humidity inside a place, whether it be a home or an office. A dehumidifier prefers in areas where people are prone to allergic reactions from which the dehumidifier protects. You can call it a filtering machine that makes sure that only pure, moist-free air enters your living space.

Do you require a dehumidifier?

 It is the most important question when thinking of getting a dehumidifier. Is it worth spending your money on a dehumidifier? These are the specific signs you should look for in your house:

  • Your windows are foggy
  • More dust than normal
  • Visible mold
  • Dampness
  • More people falling prey to allergies in your home
  • Cracks in your walls

If these signs are present, you should make sure that a dehumidifier is present in your home. The areas near the sea or a river are mostly moist because water droplets in the air are increased.

Dehumidifier Working Principle

Here are the details for those who would like to see the process of cleaning humid air by a dehumidifier. First, the air is drawn from outside and is cool on the coils present in the dehumidifier. Then its moisture is absorbed, and that’s how the humidity present inside space controls. It is done through the principle of condensation. Functioning of the dehumidifier and control of the water level are all automatic, so you don’t have to worry about it at all.

Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement

Effectiveness of a Dehumidifier

Now you might be wondering that how effective is a dehumidifier. For example, if you face a problem related to dampness, a dehumidifier can control the problem from increasing. However, it doesn’t mean that it would be a permanent solution for the problem.

However, dehumidifiers help control the increase in dampness and, therefore, protect your property from further damage. The experts already said that dehumidifiers are a perfect way to prevent moisture from spreading further.

Effectiveness in Different Weathers

Dehumidifiers are best suitable in summers. This is because, in summers, the humidity level is high. In summers, everyone prefers to have a relaxed environment in their homes to relax peacefully. That is what a dehumidifier makes sure of. However, it has no such use during winters as the air at that time of the year is not so humid and is dry naturally. So having a dehumidifier during winters is not preferred by some people.

Placing The Dehumidifier In Your Home

The dehumidifier needs to place at a place where the humidity is higher. It should be made sure that a certain amount of space is available near the dehumidifier and the outlet and inlet are not blocked or interfered with by any object. For this reason, we can look for the best setting for dehumidifiers in the basement or on the ground floor.

In this list of places for having a dehumidifier, a basement is a perfect place to put a dehumidifier. The reason is that the noise and the area taken by the dehumidifier do not disturb the people living on the ground floor or the first floor. The places where a dehumidifier can place can be:

  • 1st floor
  • Ground floor
  • Basement
  • Any other place which offers a good amount of airflow

Why a Basement Does Requires a Dehumidifier?

The basement can be a great place when placing the device. The reason is that in most homes and offices, the basement can use as a place for storage, and fewer people are living in them. As a result, placing the dehumidifier in the basement would save a lot of space on the floors above. Moreover, the air inflow from the surroundings and outflow can easily manage from the basement.

Having a dehumidifier in a basement is also necessary because of the most targeted humidity area in the basement. In addition, it may use as a storage area, and the walls and ceilings quite often face the issues of dampness.

As a basement is a cooler area compared to the rest of the house, when moist air comes in contact with the cool walls, it leads to dampness. Many people face this issue, and nobody likes leaking pipes and cracking walls in their basements.

Area Required and the Methods To Place a Dehumidifier

As mentioned above, a dehumidifier needs a good amount of space to work; thus, the air coming in and going out does not disturb its functioning (around 30-50cm depending upon the size of the dehumidifier and its liter capacity). Therefore, the best place for a dehumidifier in a basement would be an area near the window. A clean place has a lot of space available for the air to come in and go out. These are the actions you should take when dehumidifying your basement:

  • Ensure to close any space from where the ventilation occurs so that it becomes a closed environment.
  • If the weather is too cold inside, install a heater. It dramatically improves the efficiency of a dehumidifier.
  • Anything affected by water, like carpets and curtains, should be removed.
  • Repeat this process every two weeks and make sure that you replace the water.

Factors Important For Placing A Dehumidifier

Many factors should consider when placing a dehumidifier;

  1. Air Flow: Select an area with the best airflow so that the dehumidifier can easily take in air and easily expel out the air present in the living space.
  2. Temperature:A room with a high temperature would not favor the working of the dehumidifier, so it is best to place it in a colder region
  3. Electricity source nearby:Ensure that there is an electricity source nearby to be accessed.
  4. Dust-free area:If you set the dehumidifier near a dust source, it would put a lot of strain on it and affect its functioning.

All these factors are necessary to be noted when selecting a place to put a dehumidifier in your house.

Settings for Dehumidifiers in Different Weathers

The Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement is different for different seasons. For example, the best setting for the summer season is to put it on 30-50%, and during winter, it should be 30-40%.

Advantages of Having a Dehumidifier

Having a dehumidifier in your basement or your home has many advantages. Firstly, it has a positive impact on health as it purifies the air. Moreover, it indirectly saves you from extra expenses as it controls the deterioration of the walls and ceilings of your house. Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement provides another advantage, that you can use your dehumidifier to dry clothes as well.

Disadvantages of Having a Dehumidifier

Well, the most significant disadvantage is that it consumes a lot of electricity. So by using a dehumidifier, you would see a rise in your electricity bills. Moreover, it can produce noise so it would be better to place it in an area where you don’t spend most of your time.

Sometimes, the maintenance requirements can also be expensive, so you better increase your budget a little bit when buying one of these. Other than this, a dehumidifier is a must-have device if you’re living in a place that is quite humid.

Final Verdict

With all the information regarding “Best Setting For Dehumidifier In Basement” provided above, it would be a lot easy to have information about the working of a dehumidifier. Including the functioning of a dehumidifier in different weathers, different places to set it up, the best setting for a dehumidifier in the basement, factors to considered for its placement, pros, and cons of having a dehumidifier.

All this information will help you in solving out the main issue of placing your dehumidifier. So now, what are you waiting for? Just set up your dehumidifier according to the guidelines provided above and have a humid-free living space.

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