Best Inline Water Filter For Refrigerator to Choose

Did you ever think the last sip of water that you drink was absolutely pure, clean, and impurities-free? I could warn you because not having any filtration resources at your house can enlist you among those who are drinking 80% impure water in the world. Yes, that’s true. So in this article, we will introduce you to the Best Inline Water Filter For Refrigerator.

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Best Inline Water Filter For Refrigerator

However, even if you have got a refrigerator with a water filter for cleaning water. And making you sleep worry-free at night, can also create hassles when you find the water filter is not good enough to hold now. So, I will recommend you to have the best inline water filter for refrigerator. But why inline water filters? Why are people changing their needs and turning themselves to have these filters inside their fridges, refrigerators, and water filtration systems?

Well, don’t worry. Because today, you have landed on the right page. Here you will get to know complete information about inline water filters. Which one can you buy for yourself? How you can install it and much more.

So, be my guest, and let’s work on something really really important. Plus, bring some snacks or popcorn! Because if you’ve started this journey with me, I will not let you go without solving your problem. Therefore, let’s begin.

Best inline water filter for refrigerator- Top 3 Recommendations to look for:

I am stopping you a little here and want to tell you as if you don’t have time for reading the below described lengthy reviews one by one. You can put your trust in me. Because with precise and deep research plus highly recommended suggestions, I am going to recommend the top three inline water filters of this that are compatible with refrigerators and other appliances. So, through this, you will be able to make a healthy and value for money decision. These inline water filters are:

Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 gallon Capacity

Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 gallon Capacity

Waterdrop Inline Filter for Refrigerator

Waterdrop Inline Filter for Refrigerator

Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator

Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator



What is an inline water filter?

As the name shows, the best inline water filter for refrigerator has a direct approach to the water cleaning system. The water directly passes through these inline water filters. They remove the impurities from water in the first attempt.

Many electronic appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and ice makers, etc. have inline filters. Moreover, inline water filters are also installed into the household pipes that supply water.

They are thin, long, and space-saving water cartridges that are tidy and can easily be installed anywhere inside your house. This also includes the entering point POE of water to the kitchen sink that gives the advantage of serving clean water in the kitchen.

These filters remove the odor, VOCs, and other harmful chemicals from the water more deeply. Therefore, this is considered to be the latest and advanced technology of cleaning impurities containing water and providing safety with health.

How do inline water filters work?

Their working mechanism is very simple. All they do is they take the water pressure coming in a pipe or plumbing. This water pressure passes through the filter or a series of inline filters. These filters make the water clean by removing impurities and harmful bacteria from it.

So, wherever you go for filling a glass of water from your cold-water faucet, or take water from your fridge or ice maker, water first passes through these filters, they clean it, and then you can have it for drinking.

Through this, you can get a clean sip of water. Moreover, this will take only a bit of a second in this process of water cleaning.

However, the majority of best inline filters you will find out are carbon-based. They use the process of absorption for removing impurities from water and making it drinkable. This process of absorption works by binding the molecules in water to a solid. This means the filter’s tiny micropores. These micropores do not let the containments pass through the filter and what you get is clean pure drinking water. Hence, this is how these inline water filters work.

What Does a Refrigerator Water Filter Do?

The inline water filter for the refrigerator removes all the impurities and harmful VOCs from the water for making it worth drinking. These impurities add to the water when it passes through the pipes, tunnels, and other plumbing areas.

Moreover, water itself coming from the government supplies is not clean. Therefore, you need to have a water filter installed into your refrigerator with the dispenser to get clean and drinkable water from it.

However, if you want to find more about refrigerator water filters. You can read about the importance of water filters by clicking here. Definitely, you will have much information about these refrigerator water filters.

When Do I Need to Replace My Fridge Filter?

Water filter replacement should be done after every 6 months. This is not from any ordinary source. But many refrigerator manufacturers recommend replacing your refrigerator water filter once every 6 months. And that’s true because no matter how high quality your water filter is, it will lose its functionality and stop cleaning the water after usage of 6 months. Some of them work even less.

Moreover, when you feel the bad taste, odor, and yellowish or colorful water is coming from your refrigerator water dispenser, there is most likely to be an issue with the water filter. So, if you see any sign of this kind, you should replace the water filter as soon as possible for the safety of you and your family’s health.

Inline Water Filter – Reviews and Recommendations:

Since you are here looking for the best inline water filter for the refrigerator, washing machine, or doesn’t matter where you use it. I have assembled the top 10 best inline water filters for you. I know that it is a bit daunting to get the best inline water filter when there are hundreds of them out there.

But with deep research, testing on appliances, asking from the people who are already using them, and high recommendations I have made this list. So, leave the worries aside, and let’s explore our top choices of today. Moreover, be sure that you will get the best water filter for yourself. Because I will make this easier for you. Hence, let’s start reviewing each of them, one by one.


Now, it’s time to dive into the lengthy reviews of our today’s top picks.

Image Product Details Price
Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 gallon Capacity Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 gallon Capacity

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EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter

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Inline Water Filter from Membrane Solutions Inline Water Filter from Membrane Solutions

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LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter

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Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter

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PureWater Filters Inline Water Filter PureWater Filters Inline Water Filter

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AQUA CREST GXRTQR Inline Water Filter AQUA CREST GXRTQR Inline Water Filter

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Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change Inline filter Refrigerator Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change Inline filter Refrigerator

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Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System

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Waterdrop 15UC Water Filter System Waterdrop 15UC Water Filter System

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1. Watts Inline Water Filter-The best among best:

Among the top 10 choices, let me tell you about this Watts inline water filter. This standing best among best has the capacity of cleaning 20,000 gallons of water. This means you don’t need any other water filter for the next 6 months (recommended replacement by manufacturer). However, according to many people, this water filter works even more than 5 years. Which states that you will have a fine water filter for a good span. And that’s true.

Watts Inline Water Filter 20,000 gallon Capacity

Item Dimensions
2.75 x 6 x 14 inches
External Testing Certification= NSF, WQA


The compatibility is beyond imagination as this water filter can easily fit in most of the household electrical appliances and water-containing areas. All those that contain ¼ inches water supply lines can have this inline water filter easily installed into them.

Never feel any hassle and have it in your refrigerator, ice maker, under the sink for a clean water supply to the kitchen. Plus, RVs, Camper vans, boats, water coolers, water fountains, and also commercial coffee makers.

Also, do not miss the quality and clean water offered by this piece of the pie. You will be drinking water cleaned from bad tastes, odors, chlorine, and other sediments that polluted water can contain.

For assuring surety, safety, and great sediment killing testing, this inline water filter has a registered and listed approval of NSF/ANSI 372 lead-free, WQA, and NSF/ANSI standard 42 certifications. It reveals that you can go for such a masterpiece blindly.

Moreover, the installation is very simple and easy to do. Because you are getting one 10 KDF inline water filter and two ¼ inches brass connectors. This will let you install it easily anywhere you find suitable. So, feel no worries and have no doubts while making the right choice.

What would you like?

The never-ending capacity of up to 20,000 gallons that can go up to 5 years easily
Made with pure and harsh chemicals for removing impurities from the water
NSF and WQA certified worldwide tested and trusted water filter
Compatible to most of the places and electrical appliances
Available at a reasonable price with quality and durability

What would you not like?

 A little bit of issue with compatibility depending on refrigerator models

Note to the editor: You can add a table including some of the highest offered features like capacity, NSF standards, or compatibility, etc. if you want to make it more attractive. This is for every product.

2. EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter-Best with refrigerators

Made especially for refrigerators so that you could easily have an inline water filter for your fridge. Therefore, let me introduce you to this EcoPure EPINL30 inline water filter. It doesn’t matter which brand fridge you have? Because it offers utility for most of the refrigerator brands including Kenmore, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Frigidaire GE, and many more.

EcoPure EPINL30 5 Year in-Line Refrigerator Filter

Item Dimensions =13.5 x 7 x 3 inches
Item Weight= 1 Pounds
External Testing Certification= NSF


Like the previous one, it offers ¼ inches of easy fitting in most of the water filtration system areas. In addition to this, the inline water filter also comes with push to connect fitting for most of the water supply lines. You can easily plug out the old one and install this inline water filter without any complications or recommendations of tools using. However, if you still need assistance on installation, you can read the installation guide given with this refrigerator water filter.

When it comes to durability, you will find this water filter inside your refrigerator working for at least 5 years. You don’t need to replace it after 6 months. Because it can clean more water and stay for a longer period.

You won’t buy a water filter that is not tested and verified against its quality? Do you? Of course not. That is why the NSF certification is granted. You will have no bad tastes, odor, smells, and impurities in the water when your water will be coming after purifying from this EcoPure inline water filter.

What would you like?

NSF tested and certified against harmful chemicals
Kills bacteria, remove chlorine, and makes the water pure
Easy fitting and two-way installation with guide
Durability up to 5 long years
USA original made and imported product
What would you not like?

 Installation could be typical depending on the type of fridge you have
 Could have leakage issues on tight fittings

3. Inline Water Filter from Membrane Solutions- Best Overall

What if I give you an inline water filter for your refrigerator that is best from all aspects? Sure, why not and that’s why you are here. So, have a deep look at this offering from Membrane solutions.

Inline Water Filter from Membrane Solutions

Item Package Quantity: 2

Material: Shell carbon
Duration: 12 months
External Testing Certification: NSF


They are offering this inline water filter for refrigerator that is BPA-free and has activated coconut shell carbon that makes possible the high absorption of iodine from water. Removing the chlorine, bad tastes, and odors, and improving the quality of water. You will be happy to have safe, clean, and pure water inside your house. This also assures the NSF 42 certification. This means the water reaching your lips is 100% safe, pure and healthy to drink.

For offering easy installation as this Inline water filter is easy to install in any ¼ inches fittings. Its wide usage inside refrigerators, water coolers, coffee makers, sink Faucets, RVs, Boats, Campers, beverage equipment. And all of the RO water systems are best for providing crisper, healthier, and fresher water for keeping better health standards for your family.

Moreover, you will find universal compatibility with this inline water filter. Because it is compatible with most refrigerator brands and models worldwide. It just takes you two seconds to put this masterpiece inside a refrigerator, and it will start cleaning water without any complaints.

With this, you will get more life. The one-time installation provides you with quality cleaning for up to 12 months because you will be getting two cubes inside the box. However, a single inline water filter stays for up to 6 months and offers the capacity to clean 1800 to 2000 gallons depending on the quality of your water.

In the end, the only thing you should keep in mind is, while installing this water filter inside the refrigerator, ensure that you have flushed it for at least 5 gallons. Plus, make sure that you are going to fit this inside a custom ¼ inches fitting. But if you go for at least or more, you will have to buy a compression fitting adapter separately.

What would you like?

No bad and doubtful sayings, it is what it is
Offers high quality, durability, and cleaning with coconut shell carbon
Easy installation and universal compatibility
Get two packs inside one box
Reverse osmosis system

What would you not like?

 Little bit leakage issues


4. LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter-Great deals with more packs

Stuck on choices while finding the best inline water filter for your refrigerator? Do not miss this one as the LASCO 34 is giving you a great choice for the need for an ice maker water filter. Get the water impurities-free, germs-free, and pure to drink no matter if you install this inside an ice maker, refrigerator, or any other electrical appliance.

LASCO 37-1821 Ice Maker Inline Filter

Material= Brass
Item Dimensions= 2 x 2 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight= 8 Ounces
Duration= 6 months


This offers an easy fitting that includes ¼ inches compression connection settings. Moreover, you can fit it inside most of the refrigerator brands for easy convenience.

An easy replacement comes after 6 months on 1500 gallons capacity. This means you can easily install the new one after the recommended water filter replacement period.

Moreover, feel no hassles on installation and compatibility because you will easily tackle this. But do you know what the best thing about this one is? Yes, the one you always wish for. This one is offering the same high-quality water filtering features at a very low price.

In addition to this, you can have deals of 6 packs and 36 packs after spending a reasonable amount. All in all, it is again a great product and something you shouldn’t miss if you want to have a water filter of the same quality but at a low price.

What would you like?

✔  Available at a low price
Good deals with more packs
Easy installation
Better for people who don’t want to spend much

What would you not like?

 Not that qualitative and durable as mentioned
 According to one user, doesn’t filter anything
 Leakage issues and could be a waste of money

5. Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter-Value for Money

Make yourself worry-free and have the best product of this list being something value for money. Tested and granted by original NSF 42 certification for the reduction of 98% bad tastes, odors, chlorine, harmful chemicals, and bacteria from water.

Waterdrop Inline Ice Maker and Refrigerator Filter

Material= Lead free
External Testing Certification= NSF
Product Benefits= Reduces Lead


NSF 372 certification for having lead-free material and compounds that clean water. This water filter will give you 100 percent quality and surety on clean and healthy water by giving a filtration process that never compromises on anything.

This one comes as a smart choice for making a replacement with your traditional and old refrigerator water filter. You can have it for most of the refrigerator water filter models and in the meanwhile, this offers wide compatibility for water coolers, RVs and ice makers, etc.

Waterdrop inline Ice maker water filter is made with a premium activated coconut carbon shell that offers filtration accuracy of up to 0.5 um. So, get healthier and safer water from your refrigerator water dispenser as this will never leave any lead, rust, Colloids, Fluoride, and other contaminants in the water. making you feel comfortable as your health will be in safer hands.

With all of this, you will have no hassles and leggings on installing this water filter inside your refrigerator. You will have ¼ compression and push to connect fittings with this filter that is suitable for plastic and copper water lines. Just follow the guidelines as they are given and you will be done with replacement in almost 5 minutes, without any particular effort and rugged work.

Moreover, with 1400 gallons capacity, you don’t need to replace it for at least 6 months. This means the lifespan is also good and the value or money that you are going to pay for it justifies with the qualities it offers.

What would you like?

Easy and two-way installation
Value for money water filter
✔ Compatible with the old units as well as other electrical appliances
✔  Made with Coconut activated premium carbon shell water filtration system
NSF 42 and NSF 372 certification

What would you not like?

 Shorter cleaning capacity up to 1400 gallons, but no bad sayings on quality of water


6. PureWater Filters Inline Water Filter Kit for Ice Makers- Do not miss:

This water filter kit is again something worth having for the need of the best inline water filter for the refrigerator. A branded and USA-made water filter kit contains every necessary equipment that you need in installing it inside your refrigerator or ICE maker. However, it will take 25 to 30 minutes while installing. But the process is very simple and easy to carry.

PureWater Filters Inline Water Filter

Item Weight = 1 Pounds
Duration = 12 months
External Testing Certification= NSF, ANSI


Get best and trusted testing on ice making and water cleaning as it removes Chlorine, Odors, bad tastes, and other VOCs from the water with no comptonization on quality. Be sure to check its ANSI/NSF 42 standard to be safer against the reduction and removal of these chemicals from water by making it healthier to drink.

The packing of this water filter kit includes a new PureWater filter with quick and easy connect fittings. 15 feet of ¼ inches NSF water line, a shutoff valve, and two separated ¼ inches quick connect water liner adapters. With this, you will get a mounting bracket with screws and easy instruction led by graphics so that you can use these types of equipment easily.

Moreover, you will get a lifespan of cleaning water for 1500 gallons. This states that you can easily use this water filter for at least 6 months. There is no doubt about that. All in all, it is a worth considering deal that is coming with more than just a water filter.

What would you like?
A full kit with a water filter
International water filtration standards including NSF/ ANSI
Good capacity for at least 6 months
Durable, easy to install, and compatible water filtration system
Removes harmful chemicals

What would you not like?

 Takes more than 30 minutes for installation

7. AQUA CREST GXRTQR Inline Water Filter-Great Water inline filter for refrigerator

AQUA CREST’s inline water filter gives you a wide range of compatibility as they ask you to enter the model number of your fridge and look for what filter fits with it. You can have a great quality product for every brand and most of the models are highly used by many customers. Being a giant beast for inline refrigerator water filters, this is from those water filters you can have without any research and justification.

AQUA CREST GXRTQR Inline Water Filter

Lead-Free Material, Food-Grade Material, Advanced Activated Coconut Carbon Block
Item Dimensions = 2 x 2 x 11.6 inches
Item Weight= 1.6 Pounds
Duration = 6 months
External Testing Certification=NSF


Tested and certified by NSF original certification that is enough to believe in the durability and quality of this inline water filter. You will find a lot of good sayings plus one purchase can give you an easy replacement for at least 18 months.

The highly advanced and premium granular activated carbon makes water ultra-clean by removing Chlorine, Unpleasant odor, bad tastes, and retain the beneficial minerals in the water coming from your tap.

With a water-cleaning capacity of 1400 gallons, this will offer you an easy replacement after every 6 months. So, make sure that you’ve replaced it and get the high standard gratified water quality inside your house.

However, this filter is not suggested as an original brand to the refrigerators like Kenmore elite refrigerator water filters. But it is an independent water filter that can be used with most refrigerator models. This replaces the old water filters and gives you your demanded quality and satisfaction.

All in all, enjoy easy installation with no use of tools and quality for the money that you are going to spend. One can feel no regrets about having a product like this.

What would you like?

Available for all of the refrigerator models
Offers an easy installation
Offers 3 packs in one purchase
Available at a low price
NSF certified and tested

What would you not like?

 Not an original branded water filter for any refrigerator brand

8. Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change Basic Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator Filtration System

This special type of water filter or refrigerator Filtration system includes a filter head with mounting hardware. These features twist off and twist on the mechanism with quick controls and easy usage availability. Just install it inside your refrigerator and have easy access to pure, clean, and healthy water for drinking.

Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change Inline filter Refrigerator

Culligan IC 1 EZ-Change Basic Inline Icemaker and Refrigerator


Made and designed to entertain large families with visible clean and crispy tasting water for drinking, cooking, and using in more things. Its cleaning mechanisms can easily remove the chlorine taste, odors, bad tastes, harmful chemicals, VOCs, and other bacterial compounds from water with expected quality.

Offering an easy replacement for class three water filters and having quick connected settings will make you install it bearing no hassles. With this, you will enjoy the versatility of the double water shut-off feature inside this inline water filter for refrigerator.

Get more lifespan by spending a reasonable amount as this water filter will stay for at least 12 months offering 3000 gallons of water cleaning. This will also depend on the usage and filtration load or the quality of water that passes through this filter.

Trusted and certified by IAPMO to ANSI/NSF standards 42 for the aesthetic certification of chlorine taste and odors. All in all, it is another great water filter to look for if you need the best water filter for your refrigerator model or any brand.

What would you like?

a unique type of water filter
NSF 42 safety standards with trusted certification
Superior quality against removing of impurities
Reasonable price
Can stay for a longer period of at least 12 months

What would you not like?

 You should install it with complete surety

9. Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator- Another great value for money

Have certified and premium filtration performance with this second last one of the best inline water filters for refrigerators and ice makers. To clear doubts in your minds regarding quality and safety, the product has original certification from IAPMO R&T against NSF/ ANSI 42 & 53.

Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System

Frizzlife Inline Water Filter System for Refrigerator


Leaving only the essential materials and removing over 99.99% of contaminants, this MS99 refrigerator water filter system has high-class compound filter cartridges. By effectively removing all the harmful chemicals including Lead, Heavy metals, Mercury, Rust, Chlorine, and other chemicals, this provides us clean, pure, and healthy water free from bad tastes as well as unpleasant odors.

Get an easy installation under the kitchen sink angle valve or refrigerator angle valve with no tools and types of equipment. This offers two installation versatility as with PEX tubing and flexible copper tubing depending on your needs because of its lead-free filter head.

This offers a unique twist-off function that allows you to change the water filter in seconds even without turning off the water supply. Just twist off the filter housing, screw out the inner old cartridge by using the given wrench and make the replacement.

With a faster flow rate of 1.4 GPM @ 4psi. This means, in just 3 seconds you can have instant access to clean and fresh ice water that fills the cup of 330Ml during this time. Moreover, you will have a long-life water filtration service even up to 2 years that is 5x longer than most high-quality water filters available in the market. This saves you 80 percent of money because you don’t need the entire plastic filter housing. You can just put a new inner core water filter.

All in all, a great product to look for and compatible with most of the branded refrigerators available out there. And also, offers high quality in providing the best quality water when you care for your family and their health.

What would you like?

Certified premium and high-quality performance with NSF 42 and 53 certifications
Easy and two-way installation for copper tubing
Money-saving and quality filtration system and eco friendly
Unique design and long-time usage
Fastest and large range compatibility

What would you not like?

  Installation required an adapter

10. Waterdrop 15UC Water Filter System- The last but not least

Didn’t you feel tired while reading these reviews? Yes, I know you did, and that’s why I am going to end today’s top choices. So, meet with the last but never least one of the best inline water filters for refrigerators, ice makers and washing machines, etc.


Providing you the ultimate solution for crisply and cool drinking water, this includes an Under sink water filtration system that has compatibility with most of the refrigerators. So, get easy access to pure and clean cold water or ice cubes from your refrigerators and for that, all you will need are some accessories for connection. Also, you can install it inside the dishwashers for easy cleaning of dishes inside the kitchen.

Using a heavy and innovative multistage filtration system is responsible for removing metals, sediments, chemical pollutants, and other large particles from the water. This means you will never be compromising on the quality level of water.

Get NSF 372 standards safety as it uses BPA and lead-free materials fully certified by WQA. This will remove chlorine, odors, and bad tastes from water as another certification from NSF 42 is given with this water filtration system. This becomes more than possible when water cleans by an activated Carbon Block.

This water filter also ensures a faster and tested flow rate which is up to 0.75 GPM at 60psi. Moreover, you will get a money-saving facility with this filter because on the next replacement, you don’t need to buy an entire filtration system. All in all, a tested, compatible, qualitative, speedy, and money-saving water filter is on your way to make a beautiful and worthy purchase.

What would you like?

Made with tested and certified materials against harms
Faster flow rate
Easy and granted compatibility with most of the refrigerator brands and ice makers
Money-saving and Eco friendly
Activated Carbon Filtration for deep removal of bad tastes and odors

What would you not like?

 A little bit time-consuming installation at first attempt

Important Considerations while buying an Inline Water Filter-Buying Guide

Since 10 top choices in the form of best inline water filters are mentioned and deeply reviewed with all the likes and dislikes above. Hopefully, it will be easier for you to decide the best one for yourself. But as you are a human being and could get confused when you find these most appraising choices before you. Right, isn’t it?

Therefore, to solve this situation, let’s have a look at some important and highly suggested factors to look for before buying the best inline water filter for refrigerator. Moreover, if you will keep these factors in your mind, you will definitely have a lifetime solution to your water filtration problems. So, without wasting much time, let’s dive into these important inline water filter considerations.

Compatibility for installation:

Before you plunge into the market, just make sure that for what purpose and what kind of appliance you are going to buy an inline water filter? If you are looking for the best inline water filter for refrigerator, ice maker, or washing machine, etc. You should look for the thinnest, compatible, space-saving, and small in size inline water filter.

Now, you’d be thinking how is this gonna happen? Then listen dear reader, the process of making this kind of choice is very easy. You just have to read the description of that particular inline filter and user reviews as to whether it fits into the refrigerator or not. This will reveal everything to you in no time.

However, if you are looking to install it inside your kitchen, under the sink, dishwasher space, basement, and other similar places inside the house. Then size isn’t a problem at all. You will definitely be able to get the best water filter for that.

Moreover, some water filters provide you the versatility to look for your refrigerator model as to whether it fits into it or not? This will be a much easier way to check for the compatibility of an inline water filter for the purpose you are going to buy this.

Certification against Safety Standards:

This thing is very important to consider as to whether your chosen inline filter is safer for you and your family’s health or it is an ordinary one? No doubt, many recognized water filters brands are tested and certified with NSF 42 and 372 safety standards.

This means if you are buying an inline water filter for your fridge that is tested and has these certifications, it will provide you odor-free, bad taste-free, and chlorine-free water for drinking.

With this, you will also be sure that there are no harmful chemicals used for making that particular inline water filter and they are BPA-free.

This surety from a third party like WQA and ANSI/ NSF will clear all the doubts and make you believe that you are spending your money on a good and worthier product. So, having this kind of inline water filter makes you a savior of your family as well as your health.

Capacity and replacement:

Some of the inline water filters in the above list will give you a larger lifespan of at least 5 years before you make a replacement. Containing up to 2000 to 3000 water gallons cleaning capacity will give you more time and save you much once you’ve bought a filter like this.

However, most of them are limited to use with 1400 to 1500 gallons for at least 6 months. But that doesn’t mean the quality is not granted in both cases. You can have either of the inline water filters mentioned here.

But do not forget and compromise on water quality. I mean you must check if it works properly and all the sayings are correct or not from user reviews. Then go shopping.

Carbon Activated water cleaning filtration system:

Did you bother to find out the water filter that you are going to buy, how it cleans water?

Well, that’s pretty good if you did. And if you have found that water filter uses premium quality activated carbon for removing harmful chemicals like Iodine, VOCs, Rust, Lead, Heavy metals, Mercury, Rust, Chlorine, and other chemicals. Then congrats, you’ve made the right choice.

Therefore, never compromise on this thing. Because this is far more important than anything else in making impurities containing water, clean and drinkable.

Easy installation;

Before making a decent purchase, make sure that you’d easily be able to install a new water filter or an inline water filter in your specific space. It could be the backside of a refrigerator, under the sink, inside the water supply lines, or anywhere else in the house.

Since you will be making this installation by yourself. So, you need to make sure that the inline water filter you are going to buy must be easy to install. And if it does so, you can go for it as quickly as possible.

Flow Rate:

Some inline water filters also mention the flow rate of water at which they work. It is also important to consider when you are going to buy an inline water filter. Because it will definitely need a faster flow rate so that it can push the water at great speed whenever you open your tap.

Most likely, inline water filters are designed to offer a faster flow rate with accurate cleaning results. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether the flow rate is mentioned or not. Just be sure about the quality and have it.

User reviews and ratings;

It is important to mention that all the products mentioned here are well researched and highly recommended. But one must always keep in mind to look for user reviews, their good and bad sayings about that particular inline water filter, and how it justifies its price with its value?

So, if you find your inline water filter best for the refrigerator or whatever the purpose it is. You can go to buy it. However, if there are a lot of bad sayings and it makes you lose your trust in the product, you should never buy it.

Budget and price:

Now, you’d be thinking that if I were to look for such extraordinary factors inside an inline water filter best for my refrigerator needs, I would have to spend a lot of money to buy it. Right, isn’t it? But that’s not true.

Because you can get high quality and with more or less of the above-recommended factors containing inline water filters in just 40 to 60 dollars. I am telling you the average price. However, inline water filters are way cheaper than even these bucks.

Inline Water Filters Advantages and Disadvantages:

Inline water filters have several advantages and disadvantages in their usage, quality, and other technical aspects. Therefore, let’s have a look at some of the good or bad aspects of these inline water filters.

Advantages of Inline water filters:

A wide range of compatibility:

Inline water filters due to their unique sizes and shapes are available to fit at almost every desired space. It doesn’t matter for what appliance or for what type of place you are going to fit an inline water filter, it will offer you suitable compatibility.

For instance, an inline water filter can fit at multiple places. Because you can use it behind your fridge as a refrigerator filter, in an ice maker for making ice, under sink or dishwasher for the clean supply of water inside the kitchen and wherever you like. That’s why many people are attracted to these inline water filters these days.

Incomparable affordability:

Except for the other water filtration systems or water filters brands available in the market, inline water filters are way far cheaper than them. But that doesn’t mean they compromise on quality. As you can have an inline water filter in some dollars and it will still be offering you the same healthy water as any other expensive or branded water filter offers.

So, for those looking for an affordable and best solution for their refrigerator, ice maker, washing machine, and other water filtration needs, an inline water filter is gonna be the best choice to consider so far.

Easy and in no time installation:

It doesn’t matter if you have any skills or you have not made any water filter replacement before. Because installing an inline water filter at your specific place or inside a particular electrical appliance is very easy.

Some of the inline water filters offer you two-way installation and an installation guide so that you have no hassles in making this replacement. Therefore, it is another benefit offered by these inline water filters.

Money-saving versatility:

Unlike the other water filters, inline water filters require low maintenance. They can stand and keep cleaning water for almost more than 5 years. Therefore, they need low maintenance. And the same way, they cause you less money to spend.

Moreover, some inline water filters work for just 6 months, however, offer high-quality water cleaning. Plus, some let you not buy an entire filtration system for the next time. Just an easy replacement after 6 months that will cause you only some dollars.

Quality and out of sight installation:

Inline water filters offer the best quality in cleaning water because they clean water at a relatively faster pressure. Removing the impurities to the depth, what you will be drinking will be a much worthier drink.

With this, like other water filters, they do not appear at the front sight or can be seen easily. Because due to their small sizes and unique fitting areas, they are always installed somewhere in the backside of a refrigerator or ice maker. Or beneath the kitchen sink in water supply lines. So, they do not bother attention and keep doing their duty silently.

Disadvantages of inline water filters:

Now, you’ve read all the advantages of inline water filters. So let’s have a look at some important things that will make you a little disappointed in these. But not much, just a little.

Installation is not for everyone:

Even though installation of an inline water filter is very easy, I would say that installation is not for everyone. Because you must have some plumbing knowledge and also you should be capable of reading and following instructions easily to install an inline water filter at a distant place. This takes much time and most of the time, you will need some tools like a wrench or connectors, etc.

Not an easy selection:

Due to the availability of a wide range of inline water filters, it is not an easy thing to choose the best one for yourself. So, if you get a low-quality inline water filter, it means you have wasted your money and the water is still contaminated with impurities.

Therefore, you must make a wise selection before buying the best inline water filter for refrigerator, ice maker, or kitchen sink.

You don’t get a full solution to containment removing:

Since it is mentioned in the description of many inline water filters that they can do this and that. But let me clear you one thing. They are not THAT capable of giving a thorough cleaning to the water. I mean they are good at cleaning impurities from the water like Chlorine, Lead, and other heavy metals, etc.

But still, you might have some complaints regarding the quality. However, this is only infrequent cases and with some low-class models. Because most of them are best in cleaning water and removing impurities from it.

How Do I Install My New Inline Refrigerator Water Filter?

Calling for a plumber to install your new inline water filter isn’t an economical thing to do if you can make this replacement by yourself. So, hold tight and gather your types of equipment. Because I am going to teach you how you can install your new inline refrigerator water filter?

However, installation may vary depending on the type of filtration system you are going to buy. But the general process is the same as described below.

Essentials you will need:

Before you go for making an installation, be sure to have these types of equipment. The list includes some adapters for water supply connectors, if necessary, a knife or pair of scissors for giving a clean-cut, a bucket, work gloves if you have any, a towel for cleaning, and filter mounting equipment.

This is important to remember that many filters come with these or for some of them you will have to pay an extra cost. But must check beforehand.

Turn off the water supply:

The very next thing you need to do is to cut off your tap water supply first. Because the replacement process could get messy if you don’t do this. However, to turn it off, shut off the water valve that is underneath your kitchen sink.

In this case, turn it towards the opposite direction for closing it. Then turn on the faucets to release the water in the tap or any extra pressure.

Unplugging the Refrigerator:

Since you are going to install an inline water filter in your refrigerator, you need to unplug it from the socket and pull it away from the wall. Like the same, you did while replacing the waterline inside your refrigerator door.

This is because the water filtration system is towards the backside of your refrigerator. That is why you have to do so for an easy replacement. Moreover, the same thing is required while replacing an inline water filter inside an ice maker or washing machine at your house.

Installing the Filter Mounting Hardware:

Now take the filter mounting equipment and attach it to the wall. This will require you to use a drill or screwdriver to do the job. So, if you have installed it or attached it against the wall, you should make sure that mounting equipment is attached in the right direction to easily hold your inline water filter in the same direction it is recommended to be mounted.

This is because most of the filters are needed to be installed vertically while some others are horizontal. So, make sure before you get this process started.

Now, cut your water supply line:

Take the water supply line and cut it with the help of your knife or that pair of scissors. Make sure that you do this cut cleanly so that you can easily install your inline water filter in that spot. Now use your towel to clean the ends of that cut supply line.

Attaching the Inlet Tube:

Examine the body of your water filter. You will see that one side of the inline water filter is the inlet side and the other side is the outlet side. Take the waterline and push its inlet end into the inlet side of the water filter. Then give the tube a quick tug to check if it is connected properly.

Flushing the new Inline water filter:

Hold your inline water filter at an angle over the bucket with the inlet end of the water filter attached to the water supply line. Now, turn on your water supply and make sure that you have flushed at least 2 gallons of water from the filter into a bucket. After this, again turn off the water supply. This is because all the carbon residue will be removed from the filter and will make it clean to use.

Attaching the outlet tube:

Once you’ve cleared the water filter, it is time to push the outlet end of the water supply line into the outlet end of the water filter. Give it a quick tug to check if it is connected properly. Then mount the filter on the bracket. Congrats you’ve made a successful installation of an inline water filter behind your refrigerator.

Checking for leakages:

After completing the installation process, the last thing you need to make sure of is to check if there are any leakages. For this, switch the water supply on and then if there is any water leaking around the outlet tubes. Give a little more push to the tubes into the filtration system to prevent this.

Hence, if you have covered up everything, clean the area and push your refrigerator back towards the wall. Plug it again and turn on the tap. You will have crispy clean water in your cup to drink.

How to maintain your Inline Water Filter?

Most probably it will be depending on the quality of water coming inside the filtration system. Because if the water is much worse, you will need to replace the water filter most frequently.

However, you just need to change the filter itself and this is the only maintenance you will need inside your inline water filtration system. For this, you must know the filter user’s manual of a particular filter you’ve bought.

Inline water filter for refrigerator – FAQ:

What is the best inline water filter?

The best inline water filter is the one that offers a larger lifespan with quality. Tested and certified against highest community standards such as NSF/ ANSI and WQA. Made with BPA-free material. Remove impurities to the depth and provide clean & healthy water. Plus, it also offers an easy installation. If you have found an inline water filter same as this. Then congrats, you have made the right choice.

Do you need an inline water filter for a refrigerator?

Yes, because inline water filters work at the places where they are the ones from where water passes at first. Like in refrigerators, the water coming at the tap is filtered by a refrigerator water filter. Plus, an inline water filter is installed in the water supply line reaching your refrigerator dispenser. Therefore, you must need an inline water filter to install at the backside of your refrigerator in the water supply line.

Are inline water filters any good?

Actually, they are very good. They are affordable, offer an easy installation to people with a little bit of plumbing knowledge. With this, they are space-saving, thin, don’t get eyesight attention, and work silently inside the water supply lines. Therefore, no bad sayings about such an innovative and masterpiece technological innovation.

Which refrigerator has the best water filter system?

Kenmore Elite refrigerators, Samsung, and Whirlpool are highly rated and appreciated brands for offering refrigerators that are best with water filtration systems. They are highly demanded and offer the quality of water beyond your imaginations. However, if you get another name, I would love to hear.


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