Are Humidifiers Safe For Dogs-Things you need to know?

If you have a pet and humidifier at your house then you are probably looking for the answer to the question which is; are humidifiers safe for dogs? Pretty right, isn’t it? Well, if you do, then just hold on a little and I will tell you everything about humidifiers, are they safe or not, what they do, how many types of them are out there, and much more. So, without wasting time, let’s dive into this comprehensive piece of information.

Are Humidifiers Safe For Dogs ?

Honestly speaking, they are all safe for you and your pets such as dogs unless your pet touches them or a humidifier produces air with bacterial organisms. Yes, you’ve heard right, if you will pour tap water but not filtered water, it may cause the air by producing bacteria. Moreover, dogs may accidentally touch humidifiers so they might get hurt, that’s why it is always necessary to keep humidifiers at a distance from your dogs or pets. Overall, they are all safe, maintain a good humidity level inside your house and promise a moisturized air to you and your pet.

What are humidifiers and for what they are used?

Humidifiers are electronic devices that maintain humidity in the air if it feels too dry in your house or rooms. It raises the humidity level to a safe and healthy range which is actually good for your dogs and pet’s health. Moreover, humidifiers are also best for your small babies as it helps them to breathe easily in the air. In one survey, Environment protection agencies say that the desirable range of humidity in a house should be 30 to 50 percent.

Humidity usually becomes low in winter seasons because we use heathers to keep our rooms warm. The heater kills the humidity that is present in the air or says water vapors. A humidifier helps in gaining humidity at its desired level. When you pour some water into it, it converts that water into water vapors and those add to the air, which ultimately is the reason for having enough humidity in the air even in your house. This means humidifiers play a vital role in maintaining a healthy air environment and are good for the health of humans as well as their pets.

In addition to this, a humidifier can also keep your house warm, your furniture, breathable, and your health sustainable.

Are Humidifiers Safe For Dogs

Are humidifiers safe for dogs? How to know?

Well, it’s pretty obvious that humidifiers are all safe for your dog because they aren’t something from which your pet may scare or feel fear. These devices work as a remedy and help your dog to keep himself healthy. But what does it actually offer to your dogs? Let’s have a look at these best advantages of having a humidifier at your house for your dog.

Humidifier soothes the skin of your dog:

If your dog is experiencing dry skin, hair losses, scratches and he looks restless, you will definitely notice it. This can cause your dog a serious health issue and he may lose all his hair, can lose the moisture from his skin, and certainly might be dead.

But don’t worry, unless you have a humidifier.

If you are noticing these symptoms of dry skin in your dog, this is the time to bring a humidifier to your house. Pour clean filtered water into it and let it do its job. You’ll be happy to have your pet again in motion within a few days because the humidifier will add moisture to his skin by soothing it.

Humidifier opens air passages of your dog (pet):

The best thing that a humidifier can do is to make your dog breathe better. In most cases, when your dog observes allergies, these can cause him harm of inflamed nasal passage. In addition, often these allergies can cause nosebleeds due to scabs and sores inside the nose. These things are quite disturbing for your dog and will exert a strong impact on his sleeping or resting time.

Humidifiers help dogs to get rid of allergies:

Like humans, our pet might also suffer from several allergies. These can cause them difficulty in breathing and lead them to some other harmful issues. They just don’t become the reason for our eyes water and nose itching, they are harmful to dogs as well.

Therefore, you always need a humidifier in your house, so that it may help you and your dog prevent allergies, like water coming from eyes, sneezing, or nose itching, and save us and our pets from severe symptoms.

At that time, there comes a humidifier that takes control of its hands.

A humidifier releases water vapor into the air and as the moisture increases into the air, the clogged and stocked mucus begins to flow in your dog’s nasal passage. This means, whenever your dog feels difficult to breathe, ask for a humidifier because it is there to help him.

will a humidifier hurt my dog

Humidifiers also help dogs in relieving from snoring:

Dogs like bulldogs or pugs are the ones who experience snoring due to their natural and psychological makeup. Also, some dogs snore because of the excessive tissues and obesity on their neck and throat.

Here, humidifiers again help by providing moisturization to your dogs, so that they may get relief from snoring issues. In addition to this, this will also help your dog in staying hydrated.

How to know that it is time for having a humidifier for your dog?

You don’t need a humidifier all the time in your house, but mostly then when you see your dog is not that healthy, active, and cheerful. He may exercise, sneeze, allergies, nose irritations, skin dryness, or hair loss problems. In these cases, there are no problems except the low level of humidity in the air. Therefore, at that time, there is a need for a humidifier. Because you’ve already known what a humidifier can do and how it is useful.

How many types of humidifiers are out there? Which one will suit your dog best?

Depending on the intensity of humidity, your dog’s conditions, and weather, there are actually two main types of humidifiers available out there. These are given as follows:

  • Warm mist humidifier
  • Cool mist humidifier

However, a cool-mist humidifier has a subcategory of humidifiers named an ultrasonic humidifier. Therefore, let’s have a look at all of these and find which one suits your pooch best.

Warm mist humidifier:

This type of humidifier has a heating mechanism inside it. It is mostly profaned during winter or cold seasons as whenever you pour water into it, it produces and emits hot steam into the air. These water vapors help in drying the air and creates humidity for your pet. Moreover, it helps you release yourself from flue as it emits warm mist by boiling water.

Things to keep in mind while using warm mist humidifier:

Please make sure that;

  • The humidifier is at a distance from your pet so that he may not touch it. Otherwise, it may burn his skin.
  • It must also not be near to electrical outlets as the boiling water may cause any intrusion
  • A warm mist humidifier is also a little expensive and usually not recommended near pets, children, and mostly young family members.

Cool mist humidifier:

Whenever it is too hot, or a warm environment or you are dealing with congestion, a cool-mist humidifier is all you need. Unless the warm mist humidifier doesn’t boil water. It exerts cool mist into the air if it is too hot inside the room and maintains the level of humidity.

Things to keep in mind while using warm mist humidifier:

Please make sure that;

  • You are not placing it near your dog(s) or pet(s) because certainly he may kick it and it can cause him serious harm.
  • Your cool-mist humidifier must also not be placed near electricity outlets because a certain humidity level may cause a short circuit.
  • It may produce noise that might be irritating to you and your dog’s sleep.

Ultrasonic humidifier:

Unless the cool and hot mist humidifiers, an ultrasonic humidifier provides you with both options. It works with a metallic vibrating diaphragm that creates water vapor and adds them into the air. This means the moisture level is guaranteed. Moreover, you will also not have disturbing fan noises with this device but still as it works on the water so please place it away from the electrical outlets.

Things to know before using a humidifier:

Humidifiers are both beneficial as well as harmful to your pup. But they are way more beneficial than being harmful because the best feature they provide is to have a reasonable level of humidity in the air. Moreover, it does kill the harmful bacteria present in the air, helps your dogs in having a sigh of relief from allergies, sneezing, skin dry problems, and snoring. But one should always keep in mind the following things while using a humidifier as this is too important to know for you and your pets.

  • Keep your dog hydrated. Make him drink more water especially during summertime and take much care of him.
  • Even if the humidifier is working inside the room, leave the door a little open so that some stagnant air may enter the room. This will help in keeping the oxygen level at a healthy point.
  • Place your humidifiers at a good distance from your dogs or pets so that they cannot reach them.
  • Even if you are using a humidifier and your dog is not showing good signs of his melody, please contact a veterinarian as soon as possible. This will prevent your dog from serious symptoms that may cause him death.

So, are humidifiers safe for dogs or not?

Concluding it in simple words, humidifiers are best for dogs unless your dogs touch them or hit them accidentally. Because this may cause them serious harm due to hot boiling water. Moreover, also keep your humidifiers away from electrical circuits and wall sockets to prevent serious short circuits due to humidity.

With all this, I hope that the information might be helpful and I’ve answered your question regarding are humidifiers safe for dogs. Please do let me know in the comments if there are any further queries or if you want to add something. Anyhow, take much care of yourself and your dog and see you soon at another idea. Have a nice day.

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