Are Humidifiers Safe For Cats- Cats Care Guide in 2021

Make me believe that if you are here, you are probably a pet lover or having a dog or cat at your house which is your decent, loyal and lovely companion. You do everything for your little friend and especially if it’s a cat then you’d be more curious, worried, or cheerful about it. However, if there is wintertime and your cat is not feeling well, there might be a time to bring a humidifier to your house. But are humidifiers safe for cats? I know that this question might be circulating in your mind because that’s why I am receiving this attention.

Are humidifiers safe for cats ?

So, hold on and take a sigh of relief because, in this comprehensive guide, we will cover up most of the things regarding using a humidifier inside your house, why to use it, is it safe for cats as well as other pets, and the most basic reasons of its importance. Therefore, let’s worth the time to start today’s topic.

What is a humidifier and why use it?

A humidifier is an electronic device that maintains the level of humidity inside your rooms or houses so that you and your pets can breathe properly. According to most of the environmental agencies, the humidity level inside our hoses should be around 30 to 50 percent.

But in winter seasons, when we burn heaters, these kill the water vapors present inside the air and make the air dry. The air loses its moisture and causes you and your lovely pet many diseases.

So, in these cases, a humidifier becomes the best choice because it again fills the air with water vapors and makes the air breathable.

So, are humidifiers safe for cats?

Honestly speaking, humidifiers are all safe for your cats. Because whenever your cat feels a disturbance in breathing or goes through diseases like asthma, nasal congestion, dry throat, hair loss, or other skin and health problems, you can make sure that it’s time to bring a humidifier to your house.

So, a humidifier is beneficial for your lovely cat until it touches it accidentally. Because, the humidifier boils water and makes water vapors from it, so if your cat touches it, it could burn her skin or may cause her any other serious injury.

Therefore, make sure that you always keep the humidifiers away from your lively pet and your most important asset.

How to know that your cat needed a humidifier?

As human behavior changes and their Hormones make changes in them, so does this happen with pets. Like, consider cats. When the cats begin to groom and if there are dryer seasons like especially winters, the dry air could harm its skin, can turn it dry, and damage it no matter how much grooming your cat has got.

How to know that your cat needed a humidifier

Moreover, if you have come to know that your feral or tame cat is exercising some diseases like you may observe sneezing it, becoming lazier, or losing her hairs, this all happens due to the low level of moisture into the air.

In this case, your cat may have a bacterial infection, allergies, blockage of air passages, or some soothing skin problems. Therefore, at this time, you must have a humidifier at your house to keep things normal and your cat healthier. Only through this, you’d be able to observe certain changes in her behaviors if she is feeling sick from the previous week.

Which humidifier suits my cat and how to get it?

Speaking generally, humidifiers are the ones that help the air gain its humidity back if there is too much dryness. All this happens by turning water into vapors and then it adds humidity into your rooms. So, if you ask what makes humidifiers beneficial for cats? These are all the reasons because it clears their air passages, helps in maintaining nasal congestion, and alleviates dry airways, itchy to make your cat breathing fine. Moreover, if you are also feeling trouble breathing or any signs of dry skin, this is also beneficial for you.

However, while choosing the best humidifier for your cat, make sure that you have the following features inside that one.

  • Small in size—Make sure the humidifier is small in size
  • Produces less noise—Your humidifier must produce less noise to keep the environment peaceful for you and your pet sleeping.
  • Sturdy and durable—Your humidifier must be made of some sturdy plastic material that could last a little longer with you so that you may be worth your money and time.
  • Not the one with hot steam—Humidifiers that produce warm or hot mist are not the ones you should look for for your cats.
  • Programmable—Get a programmable humidifier so that even if you leave your cat alone, this might be helpful behind your back and keep working.

But which one to get exactly?

Humidifiers are available in different versions including warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers, and ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers. But for your cat, a cool-mist humidifier or an ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is the ultimate thing to use and more beneficial. Because a warm mist humidifier uses water, boils it, and then turns it into hot steam or air. If you place it around your cat and it touches this humidifier accidentally, your cat might get burned or damage her skin. That’s why a cool-mist humidifier minimizes the risk and provides ultimate safety plus comfort while being a great remedy for your little mate.

Adding more, when you turn on the cool mist humidifier inside your monster’s room and it will start working, you will start noticing several changes into her skin if she was sick or has any melody. Because in pets, this mostly happens due to the low level of moisturization in the air.

However, for getting the best ultrasonic cool mist humidifier for your cat, visit your local store or an online store like amazon.

Things to keep in your mind while using a humidifier around your cat:

Well, only a humidifier will not be enough to make changes and improve your cat’s health. But you’d also have to take care of many things if you’ve placed a humidifier around your cat. In this case,

  • Make sure that your cat stays hydrated especially during winter seasons.
  • Keep the door a little opened or periodically open the window of the room to make sure that stale air must be released and some fresh air must be entered.
  • Do exercise and play with your cat whenever you are free and in a jolly mood. This will keep that lovely pet fresh and cheerful.
  • Also, place the humidifier away at a distance from your cat so that she might not be able to touch it intentionally or unintentionally.
  • However, if you see that things are getting out of control and even a humidifier is not making any difference in the cat’s health, visit a veterinarian and seek help. Because at this time, this will be the only solution to save your cat from sudden death or having an asthma attack. Do mind this.

Are humidifiers safe for cats- Related frequently asked questions:

Are humidifiers safe for cats and dogs?

Yes, they are. If your pets have allergies or some other diseases like asthma, hair loss, dry skin, or nasal congestion, there might be a problem of low level of humidity in the room’s air. A humidifier helps in getting that desired range back. It helps to add humidity into the air and ultimately helps your pup and kitty get healthy.

I have written a separate article for choosing a humidifier for Dogs, you can visit the link for more details

Which humidifier is preferable to use, especially for cats?

Well, cats have more sensitive skin than any other animal and they are too sensitive by themselves. That’s why you won’t want to see her get burned from a warm mist humidifier. Therefore, a cool-mist humidifier is always recommended for your cat and it could be safely placed around her.

Does a humidifier help a cat with asthma?

Yes, it does. Because most of the doctors say that if your cat is having symptoms of asthma it may be due to the less humidity in the air at your house or inside your house. The humidifier helps in gaining that level back. So ultimately it helps your feline in having a release from asthma and other breath-stopping diseases.

Final Thoughts:

A big Yes, to your question narrated as are humidifiers safe for cats? Because humidifiers don’t harm your pets or animals if you use them with the best humidifier setting. They are beneficial for their skin as well as for yours. The thing is, you must always use the most appropriate humidifier and the one that suits mostly during the special type of season. Also, keep them at a certain distance from your pets. Moreover, you must also be aware of your kitty’s health as If she is exercising severe changes in her behavior, there is a need for you to take a certain action like bringing a humidifier to your house or turning on the already available one.

Hence this was all about cats and their safety regarding using humidifiers. You can also read our article on are humidifiers safe for dogs to know whether they are safe or not. Moreover, this was it for today, please take care of yourself, your children, and your pets. See you very soon on another great piece of knowledge. Have a nice day.

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